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The technical terms used in the domain industry-from a to Z

modern_szerverekThe domains since its inception a number of term born, which are specific to the industry for this. As the number of inhabitants of the domains, It is the terminus of the technicians, and the list of szakzsargonok. Natural, that website- We are not aware of any doméntulajdonosként or expression.

The expression of doménekkel therefore, we've put together a glossary, that will help you understand the most common technical language. The term is not used in a uniform whereas many or no Hungarian report, Therefore, the list is based on the English page for terms taken, and so we have put in brackets behind it – if it exists – the Hungarian equivalent.

It is worth it to read this glossary or handouts, or browse through the not so familiar terms. If once we understand these concepts, It will help you to successfully purchase the tartománynevekbe, and effective sales ", parkoltatásánál etc.. also.

Pleasant and informative browsing!


Administrative contact

(Administrative contact) -The domain name is the person named in the contract, the responsibility of managing the domain name whose.


(Auctions) -The domain name is one of the most popular forms of buying. Similar to traditional auctions you can bid on domain names, and the most referral will get the right to use the domain name.


(Adress Address record) Apply as a general external and are used, to that page to find the Internet address of a computer connected. Structure looks, to assign one subdomain or aldomént the static IP address or the server account.


(Available) They used this term to refer to, those who are doing business in the domain names. Report, It is possible that the domain registration immediately. Both are newly registered domains, and once I have registered domain names also.


(Secondary domain market) Once a domain name is registered to You, and then offered for sale, It is considered to be "újrahasználtnak", the secondary domain market available for sale. Here millions of domain names are currently broadcast-reception takes place.



( service) Some domain registrars offer this service. In the case of domain names used, which have been registered, but they will soon expire, or it, that the domain name will be deleted soon. If you want one of these to get one subdomain, You can charge the service constantly monitors I, and at the end of the domain name to us. If only doménnel is used in relation to the backorder service, some platforms to obtain the right of entry to the auction.


(Márkaképes) You can use domain name-Brand. Often these short and easy pronounceable names of the popular top-level domain doménekbe (TLD) considered the possibility of investing in one of the remaining.



(Country-Code Top Level Domain) All countries in the world offer such special domain names. Usually have a two-letter abbreviation, such as the. US, the. MX, CA or..


(Character) The number of characters, typically determines the, a domain name which may be. Depending on the domain of the extension of these letters, can be a number or a hyphen.

Creation Date

(Creation date) – The date of the registration of a domain name, which can be found in all of the data in the WHOIS record.


-A person, who uses the domain name in bad faith, with the intention of, under someone else's trademark to generate profits.



(Delete) As name suggests, Delete means, that the domain name has expired, expected life cycle completed, and then was removed from the register.

Descriptive Name

(Descriptive name) The name of the domain that contains the Keyword,. The keywords exactly describe a specific person, place or thing.

Direct Traffic

(Direct traffic) -The domain name of visitors to users, who specifically written for that domain name in the address bar of your browser. Especially the generic domains have a large direct traffic.


(The domain name system) – Primarily shared between computers, hierarchical naming system. DNS maps domain names to be read by humans on the numeric IP addresses, users can search for domain names on the Web. Basically, this operation is determined by the Web hosting service.


-A person, who actually and consciously invests into various forms of the domain nevekbe. There are many forms: as long as there is, who is just a hobby for the fill-level domain names, the domain name from which the multi millionaire is found among persons.


(Dealing with Doménnel) The purchase of domain names, the sale means, as well as any activity involving, the domain name in which that money can be obtained.

Domain Name

(Domain name or domain name) -Unique string, that identifies the owner and allows you to connect to the Internet.

Domain Server

(Domain server) The DNS database is representative of. Each domain has at least one primary DNS server, which shall publish that information doménről, as well as any domain névszerveréről.


("point") – Domain isolation character, the different levels of the domain, and extension are separated by (PL. www.xhu.hu). The "point" of the domain names in question only kiejtésénél used.


(Drop) When a domain is nearing the expiration at the end of the cycle or delete already pending, It is considered to be the one subdomain "leejtettnek" or deleted the SRS, that is, the shared Recording System. As soon as the one subdomain deleted, again it is possible to register such domain name.


Expiration Date

(Expiration date) -The domain name according to the predefined order expiration date. In this case, the registrars are usually shut off the domain service, and 30 days of grace period. During this time, you have the option to renew your domain name, before permanently deleting one subdomain.

Expired Domains

(Expired domains) – This refers to, that one or more domain name recently expired and again it is possible to register.

EPP Authorization Key

(EPP Permission Key) – The protection may be extended to an additional Protocol constitutes a security interface, which protect the domain name, that can be transferred from one regisztrátorról to another.



(Állományátviteli Protocol) -A standard protocol, the ability to one server, that is, the computer to shift the files to another, for example, the webtárhelyre.



(Generic top level domain) The names of the root domain, in one of the categories, that is bound to a specific topic. Currently, a new, also approved by the ICANN domain endings are, as the. Help, the. CEO,or the. Radio. Whereas the list of extensions is gradually expanding, so presumably, this year we can expect many new domain végződésre.

Geo Domains

-Domain names, that target a specific geographic location. Often include the city, the name of the State or the country. Highly sought after domain name count, as well you can use them for local marketing. (PL. seohungary.hu)

Generic Domains

(Generic or General domains) The World Wide Web, are Valuable property, as a general description of the precise product, service or industry.. Here are some examples of these: Hotels(.com) SEO(.com), Candy(.com)


Hack or Domain Hack

(Hack or domain hack) When a registrant combines your choice of second-level one subdomain in the root doménjével, that they form a single word. For example, the domain name of such favor.it, where is the "it" refers to the domain végződét.

Engine rankings

(Domain hijacking or domain theft) – When the domain name to the owner of the domain name to the arrival, without the permission of the original change, so the users by clicking on the respective domains cannot be delivered to the original landing page. The domain hijacking is known to a wide variety of forms, due to changes in data from the Registrar domain theft, in the meantime,, the thieves take advantage of: the original owner of the domain in the domain name expiration date have.


(Punches) Custom website impression, as well as the number of visitors.


(Server) – An organization or company, which dedicated servers for the domains Web hosting environment mapping.


(Hypertext Transfer Protocol Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) At the beginning of the URL, and for many people familiar with string. A common protocol used, suitable for sharing information and media content via the Web.


(Hypertext Transfer Protocol, secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol,, safe) –
For added security, the HTTP interface. This allows the shared between the client and the server to encrypt data, by tikos codes (LD. SSL) lets you carry.



(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) -A non-profit private organisation, that has been created, to oversee the top-level domain space, as well as the root zone files.


(Internationalized domain name) Any non-English domain name script or character set. The IDN is stored in ASCII-type a Punycode converter and anything can be written through the use of the form is also available to users.



Keyword Domains

(Keyword domains) One of the names of the domain category. All of the domain name, the side, that the selected keyword or exact is kulcskifejezésre egyezőséggel. The keyword domains for search engine optimization advantage due mostly to the value.



(Letters) Often the letters, within the doménen non-numeric character is used to described the amount. Especially useful, When intended for sale shall publicize the shorter event domains


Masked Forwarding

(Masked forwarding) -Service offered by Registrars. Essence, that one of the other domains one subdomain redirect, While using hidden frames. Users in the address bar so that you can continue to the original domain name seems.


(Monetize entry) -Any activity summary name, You can use the domains to which money from the development, lízingjéből, your ad, PPC parkoltatásából, as well as other activities.


Name server

(Name server) The programme of Network Service or hosting computer server. Respond to queries for names in the domain, and the IP addresses to carry out feltérképezésüket.


(Namespace) Top-level domain-Specific (TLD) full domain name under potentially available for selection.


(Network Information Center-Network Information Center) – An organization, that operation of one or more TLDS, as well as the domain names and WHOIS searches in order to provide public information about the created.

Numeric domains

Of course, this term is used only by the numbers doménekre.




(Parkoltatás) – One way, How to get money on domain names. If you have an unused domain names, You can win with begépeléses or direct traffic, the corresponding site jelentetünk or other ads we offer. the parkoltatott-per-click ads per page and acquire, where revenue is cracking the site is visited by many people.


(Pay-per-click, Click-based ads) In relation to the search engine – most commonly referred to as them. The tartománynevekbe is used to the PPC network investors, to make the money parked in doménekből, the Commission and some text-based links to enable the.


("Push") – The process, When one of the same name under Registrar one subdomain to another domain redirect. The "push" are usually free, and also much simpler implementation, If the target of the redirection using other registrars.

Private Registration

(Magánregisztráció) It is recommended that the domain registrars-premium service, that the domain name owner's contact information is used to hide. In this case, the name of the agent of the owner company name used.



Redemption Period

(Renewal period) – Recommended by registrars 30 days of grace period after the expiration date of the domain, during which time you have the option to renew the domain name.


(Registrar) -ICANN accredited domain registrar by the domain name registration offers, as well as various TLDs can purchase the domains management.

Registry Lock

(Registration Closes) Created by registrars of the security layer, to protect the one subdomain redirection or unauthorized connection information such as in.

Resolution or Resolve

(Resolution or resolution) – The process, during which the DNS information on a wide range of Web clients are updated via. In this process there may be slippages also, If the resolution is made or, if the update névszerverekre newly registered doménekről we are talking about.

Reverse Domain Engine Rankings

(Reverse domain theft) When a company, individual or trademark owner it tries to ensure the domain name, to submit false claims of cybersquatting domain name against the legitimate owner. Usually this occurs, If e.g.. a famous man and a domain name is already allocated. The claim is often intimidated by the owner of the domain name, that results in, to transfer the ownership of the trade mark owner of the domain in order to avoid legal action. Typically used for larger companies, or notable people, the "places" tend to be smaller organizations or individuals not known. Note, however, , that the trade mark owner before the claims by the owner of the domain name is often used to protect your domain registration and continued use.



(Second-level Domain, second level domain) -Technically, this is the part of the website address, a "point" or the registration process of your choice to the left of the top-level domain végződéstől. (PL. www.seo.whatisit.com, where corresponds to the second stage doménnek whatisit)


(Search Engine Optimization-Search Engine Optimization) The process of optimizing the website. Highly efficient method, that classification is determined by the keyword you want high (prioritization) searchable. The number of different on-page SEO and off-page techniques include, inter alia, the development of the site is user friendly, represents the effective linképítést.


(Subdomain) Essentially this is called third-level doménnek, more commonly known as subdomain, the most popular of these is the WWW.


(Security Protocol) -Encrypted protocol, used to, to the client and the server to transmit sensitive data safely between. See HTTPS.



(Top Level Domain, top level domain) There are basically two main types of: generic and country-code top-level. On the right side of the Web page address of the three-letter extension to recognize. The best-known generic TLDs, the .com, the .net, and .org endings.

Trademark Domains

(Trademark domains) As for offline use this type of domains also serves, that levédessük with it's own tartománynevünket, thus avoiding the risk of an infringement of the trade mark.


(Shuttle) – The process, When the ownership of the domain name is transferred or the domain will be transferred to another Registrar who receives.


(Traffic) -The domain name of the Web site or the total amount of visitors. It is often considered to be the key value of the domain name mérőszámnak.



(Uniform Resource Locator — uniform resource identifier) The term of an official, for an overview of the entire website, or a unique resource (image, file, script) pointer address is used.




(Who is? -Who's who?) – A protocol, the registered owners of the domain name or IP address information is used in connection with the database query.





(Zone) All currently registered domain, that is about a specific TLD is registered. (See also névtérnél.)

Zone File

(Zone file) Generated by the domain's Registrar database, that includes all the addresses of the domain name névszerek.

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