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When Google is dark tapogatódzik ... – Map of the Internet's darkest sikátoraihoz!


Many people think, It is well known to the World Wide Web. True, that day, as many as you can on the website of the popular idea of the World Wide Web websites. But websites, like on Facebook, the Amazon, or even Mark Zuckerberg, just the surface. There is a whole other world besides: the world of the Deep Web.

The dark side of the Internet

Known as the World Wide Web where we compared to completely different rules apply. Not coincidentally called Deep Web (Deep Web)! Here is the online information are password protected, users must pay a per-page access to content, or to access the site required special software.

Not heard yet about us? Such sites exist, Indeed amazingly large numbers are present on the Web. According to some estimates, the world of the Deep Web is about 500 times (!) more, as used on a daily basis by the user Web interface. Even more surprising, indexed by Google, in spite of the huge quantity of deep Web page almost entirely outside the largest search engine látókörén. A study by Google, not more than 16% of the Web interface, see. The deep Web is completely ignored!

Therefore, when we are looking for a subject as it, all existing information online only 0,03 percent of pops up, that is, 3000 existing pages will see just a single Web page. It's, as if 50-60 inches deep in the ocean halásznánk, and ignore the below 11 thousand-metre-deep trench!

We are located in the depths of the Internet?

Of course, there are also deep Web pages, the search engine does not indexáltatnak, to acquire a knowledge of them is not confidential information. By Google is not seen as part of a simple everyday materials shroud the database users.

But as Russian Matryoshka doll bábuknál, the deep Web is a secret and illegal world also includes. A smaller, but a significant audience, that could be considered sickly and dangerous players in goals together.

Be welcoming the Dark web (Dark Web), or as some people call it the world of Sötétnet. A huge digital underground world, with hackers, gangsters, terrorists and pedophiles are considered prosperous trade above.

Let's look at, What products and services can be found in the darkest recesses of the Internet

What is the Deep Web?

1. Drugs

The digital underworld individual or commercial-grade quantities of illegal and prescription drugs of all kinds may be obtained. Szuperkereskedése the most closed of the Silk Road (Silk Road), that is amazing as a turnover of névadójához. The functioning of the 28 months ago, some 200 million dollar value exchanged hands for various drugs in. Until, While 2013 with the assistance of the FBI in October were not guilty of offering portal products.

2. Counterfeit banknotes

The deep Web for fake euros, pounds, Yen, as well as other currencies we can get both. For example, one mélyweboldal 600 dollars in Exchange for a 2500 dollars worth of counterfeit notes has to offer, which delivers pen-, as well as the ultraviolet-light test also tests. It should be noted, however,, It is available in a very different quality fake money, Thus, the goods are also very varied.

3. False documents

Enter the prohibited online marketplace, The Onion Identit Services from. Where passports, permissions, citizenship papers, fake ID IDs, University diplomas, immigration documents, But even a diplomat's personal identification cards are also available. The nature of the document, and depending on the quality of the exchange rate here is also very variable can be. Until a false u.s. driver's license has been 200 dollars are also obtainable, in the meantime, a u.s. or British passport for a few thousand dollars in mileage.

4. Firearms, ammunition and explosives

"In bulk" play, the Darkwebről – manual from lőfegyverektől, the C4 is a whole suite of robbanóanyagokig-felszerelhetnek. Of course the criminals take great care will be devoted, that is horrible they do during transport. (The illegal trading of weapons also in our country 5-10 years of imprisonment!) Since the x-rays to do so in the weapons, Therefore, the sellers are transported in specially shielded packaging products. Sometimes it is also, send the goods to fractions, which games, hangszerekbe, electronic devices or hidden to the place of destination.

5. Assassins

The deep Web is not only guilty of products, but it also offers services for offenders. The "providers" advertised themselves, as "the final solution for the problems that average." Personal disagreements "political settlement" to the merényletekig any such "work" assume. The payment is usually bitcoinok (LD. later) is made using, elkövetéséről photo taken and the evidence.

6. Human bodies

In the darkest recesses of the Deep Web, vivid and grisly organ trafficking is going on. The bodies of the living, on average, a feketepiacán almonds 200 ezerért, heart 120 ezerért, liver 150 contact ezerért, While a couple of szemgolyóhoz-1500 can also be accessed by longer. Of course, these amounts are in dollars.

By what means does the Deep Web?

1. Kriptovaluták

As the Deep Web üzletelők do not want to reveal their identity, so the payment is done in almost all cases-anonymous. This is a digital money, such as the bitcoinok. The most popular kriptovaluta the customer can follow the anonymity of the obscurity which is wrapped in a guilty purchase of products. Sometimes, however, it can happen to other digital currencies (PL. darkcoin, peercoin, etc.) the payment. Currently, users can choose from about a dozen active kriptopénz.
However, the Internet is alvilágának "PayPal" is, which Liberty Reserve-call. The secret payment system users so they can spend their money online, While the real world known as hidden identity.


2. Foolproof, Web host providers

Each web service providers, most of Russia and Ukraine in which all content is welcomed. They do not want to find out the true identity of clients, and accept the payment to bitcoinokkal anonymous. Last but not least frequently disregarded the law enforcement agencies of, to provide information on the perpetrators.

3. Cloud technique

With, the hackers use spyware called recognised, nagymértékig reduce the likelihood, the Deep Web traffic safety systems block. . A recent study by the world kémprogramjainak, as well as the channels used for disruptive kibertámadásoknál kb. 16 percent of the Amazon is from Cloudból.

4. Spyware

The deep Web for even the less skilled criminals have access to each device, to determine specific system weaknesses. These identity, the possible theft of data, also elkövethetők and szerverbetörések. For example, there was a hacker, who is available here in 2013, just means broke the Target department store sales point system!

5. He hired hackers

Usually organized cybercrime outsource recruitment of hackers. For example, the Chinese Hidden Lynx group 100 has professional kibercsoporttal. Some of them have been on Google, Adobe or the Lockheed Martin system failed to feltörnie.

How to access the deep Web?

1. Anonymous Browser

In order to, to enter the Dark world of special programs Web, tools are needed to. The best known of these is the Onion Router, more popular known as the Tor. The deep Web browser about presenting world gate 6000 redirect server through the signs, to hide the origin of the page query machine. The law enforcement bodies are making it nearly impossible to keep track, to the user of that machine which banned sites are visited. Usually the Tor, not the .com extension, but the secret, the onion uses with Web pages:. Currently, only one can access this extension doménekkel to the deep Web browser.

2. Secret search engine

As the "above" world of Google, the Internet also has its own search engine nether. True, not too long ago, Since hackers devised by Grams only 2014 Since the mid-. The Internet underworld criminals first shared on keresőmotorával through multiple hidden drugs, weapons, or stolen bank accounts after a search. Google has keresőmotorához like "I'm feeling lucky" button, which will automatically redirect to the first result in the perpetrator. In fact, as the search engine interface, the PPC based advertisement yet Grams contains. Of course the local advertisers are not weekend holiday, or offer discounted courses. Much more, competing drugs users kattintásaiért.

3. Criminal Wikis

Could not complete the Deep Web without your own knowledge base. The carefully organized illegal websites rengetegében, the agreement lists the Wikipedia along the lines of help orientation. The Criminal categories pages in Wikis the hidden culprit products and services, such as Hackek, the Markets, the Viruses or the Drugs. Each link description help arrivals, to find the products they wanted banned, services.

4. Hidden chat rooms

As well as the, as in the real world, online criminals also would like to, If the evil business would receive a guarantee of payment before the conclusion. The deep Web chatszobái and forums are only restricted by network basis. The vast majority of hidden criminal, do not use or provide access to the registered alphanumeric.

Marc Goodman set the Future Crimes based on the book, source: futurecrimesbook.com

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