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Választható domain nevek: .bid, .trade, .webcam, .party, .science, .cricket, .faith, .date, .review, .accountant, .download, .racing, .loan, .win, .men, .stream

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What you should do? Hogyan rendelhet?

1, Válassza az AJÁNDÉK VÉGZŐDÉS domain opciót online megrendelő weboldalunkon: http://otp.xhu.hu
2, Írja be az üres mezőbe a megrendelni kívánt domain nevet (csak a nevet végződés nélkül)

How much is it?

Ha 1 évre rendel domain nevet az teljesen INGYENES most minden tárhelyhez.
Ha 5 évre szeretné a domain nevet, akkor CSAK 5.000 HUF. / 5 évre a domain név!

Meddig érvényes az akció?

Valid: 2017.07.24- visszavonásig. Nincs mennyiségi korlát, bármennyi tárhelyet és hozzá ingyenes domain nevet rendelhet!

Legegyszerűbben online rendelhet a http://otp.xhu.hu on our website!

xhu tárhely


A gas.hu domain név regisztrációját elutasította a Nyilvántartó

A gas.hu domain nevet a Marco Polo Magyarország Kft. kérte magának, de a Nyilvántartó az igénylését elutasította.

Az igénylő érveiben elmondta, hogy a gas szó angolul gázt jelent így nem veszélyezteti vagy sérti más bárki névkizárólagosságát.
In spite of the, hogy a Gas szó bejegyzett védjegy, álláspontja szerint nem zárja ki a domain regisztrációját, ugyanis a jogosult nem tett panaszt ellene.

A Tanácsadó Testület felhívta a figyelmet arra, hogy a Nyilvántartó különleges szerepet tölt be a domain nevek regisztrálásánál, így ha a Nyilvántartó megtagadja a domain delegálására vonatkozó igényeket, abban az esetben jogosan és hivatalosan jár el.

Mivel a nyilvántartó észrevette, hogy több cég védjegyét is érinti a gas.hu domain név, így felkérte az igénylőt névhasználati joga igazolására. Mivel az Igénylő ennek nem tudott eleget tenni, így a Tanácsadó Testület elutasította, a domain név delegálását a számára.


McDonald's decided, that you do not want to register new domain names.

Az étteremlánc eddig a .McDonalds és a .MCD domain nevehet használta, de nemrég jelezte az ICANN-nek és elküldte a domain végződések felmondási szándékához szükséges papítokat, így önként lemondott a két domainról.

Csatlakozik egy sor olyan céghez, amely az úgynevezett .brand domain neveket használja, mivel úgy gondolják nem éri meg a rengeteg erőfeszítést és a plusz költségeket.

Az ICANN-hez beérkezett egy újjabb felmondási kérelem is a Pampered Chef, a Berkshire Hathaway cégtől, a .PamperedChef domainhoz.

In spite of the, hogy a domainipar szorgalmazza a .brand domain név regisztrálását, ennek ellenére eddig csak néhány vállalat kérte. Úgy tűnik, hogy a .brand domainek közül sokat védelmi alapon alkalmaztak.


Samsung filed a complaint against another domain

The samsungharman.hu domain name Stephen Baby (Order EU publications) asked, which is against Samsung Electronics Co.. Ltd representative (Complainant) has filed an objection to the.

The Complainant He said that the European Union is a trademark of samsung exclusive use. Only use the SAMSUNG they are eligible, This licence is requested.

As well as the SAMSUNG due to misleading and knowledge of the mark news also would be, in fact, the phrase with the word any SAMSUNG users "think about the complainant's company. In fact, nothing in the above phrases are not, like the above to hold, as well as the related term "harman" trade mark, which is also a trade mark well known brand.

2016. It was at the end of the news, that Samsung Electronics Co.. Ltd. shares in the Group w to acquire Harman is expected to the year 2017 world "harman" marks also the Samsung Electronics Co.. Ltd. are the property of.

the Order EU publications He said that the Terminal Data Service owned by s. r. o. activities designed specifically for consumer electronics produced by Herman company to expand products.

Aware, Samsung's plans to purchase the Harman firm, so the future is likely to be products manufactured by Samsung and Harman are companies formed a sea-God name. Whereas in the interest of the success of the company, so it is essential to use the domain name.

Considers that the requested domain name does not commit an offence using, the use is not misleading, domainnal not use the complainant's business name and trademark, only wishes to inform consumers about, your company what products you sell.

The Advisory Board notes, the Samsung company name or trade name is known worldwide, internationally registered, the distinctive character of the trade mark it is indisputable. Thus, the samsungharman.hu domain name, the claimant cannot delegate for Stephen Baby.


The delegation of INDEX.HU attacked the bixindex.hu domain, but with no success

The bixindex.hu domain name Sopeti Bt. (Complainant) asked on behalf of the trust Circle Ltd, against which the INDEX.HU Information Technology Ltd.. (Complainant) submit a complaint.

The INDEX.HU the argument has been rejected by the Advisory Board of a single "Yes".

Since the index is word meaning “indicator”, widely used közszó, Thus, the exclusive use of the domain name is not secure from others.
The Complainant a trademark is a colourful figurative mark, due to the use of the distinctive közszó of the weak.

The bixindex.hu the index.hu or under the trade mark index writing and pronunciation is different from at least three characters, so confusion and is not likely to elgépelése.


The forterra.hu domain is not allowed in the igénylőé

The Advisory Board now the issue has been addressed in forterra.hu domain, that single votes expressed the view, that is the domain of the igénylőé.

Anthony Joseph He asked the delegation of a domain name on its own for, However, with VIEGA GMBH & CO. The complaint is lodged at the same time KG.

The Complainant He said that a number of countries on the basis of several trade marks it has exclusive use of the word FONTERRA, In addition to the TT mellyet checked and found.
As well as the complainant asked for a request for delegation of a domain for yourself.

The Requiring She told me, that is because you want to keep the fonterra.hu continues to claim domain name, because it is owned by FONTERRA s. r. o. access to the company's Web site, would help, and businesses also indicated on the tender texture.

According to the documents, the Advisory Panel was not Criticised for delegálhatóként, because it violates the Complainant védjegyoltalmát.


Érvénytelenítetni the Google trademark

A domain-pirate visszavágni the company you are trying to, Why 763 Google domain containing the word taken from her. The appeal was lodged by a private person in San Francisco and requested the Court, to be considered an expression of the google.

Chris Gillespie is an appeal by the company launched elle, for 2012, the domains and estates filed a complaint because of the piracy trade mark infringement i.e. domain.

The Court of Appeal decided, Google to keep your trade mark, Since it is not just a synonym for the Internet search use the term, but much more general cover for this lookup.

The District Court showed that the vásárlóközösségi test kifelyezés at all it doesn't matter., by the Court of appeal. So the mark of Google megtarthatta.

If you have the generalization would be regisztráltathatott by anyone per domain name for which is included in the google term, so it is still not possible. If someone does make such a domain name, the company may bring a lawsuit against the invalid or, You can also obtain a financial remedy that.


When you buy a domain can be accomplished errors

Often occur in the domain when purchasing smaller errors, that attention to detail can easily be avoided.

If we decided, How to register domain name, It does not give a second party. Even in the case you might want to order or print material published on the Web address, If the domain has not yet been definitively registered.

It is also important to have a reliable, appropriate references from the domain registration company with. You should not choose a foreign supplier, because often there is no commonly spoken language, so it's a minor problem is huge problem can be reported.

Looking out to a your name is the domain name, and is used only for your daily email address enter the domain kapcsolattartásához, and you don't have a friend or their titles.
The email address you have registered domains created nor should you provide for this purpose, in fact, if there is a problem, you will not be able to access your email.

After successful registration you should not megfeletkeznünk about it, and timely information you need to get the domain has expired and the possibility of the payment.

Adatunkban are always looking for changes to the registrars, to reach the domain of to-DOS still.


Újjabb domain has been referred to the Advisory Board

The sportrafel.hu domain name in Hungary Kft Decathlon. asked 2017. on March 9 I, and against the Sport Up Nonprofit Kft. filed a complaint.

The complainant referred to the fact, that the requested domain name is the same as the name of the Sports Club.

He said complained, It's a common names in kifelyezés, that he himself is using the ábrájában, and the word itself is not the trade mark.

Thus, the Advisory Board for the benefit of the complained of skewed, the Decathlon Hungary Kft. for delegálhatóvá declared.