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The consumption. BLOG domain suffix?

The blog domain endings before letting them have even opened the website content, because the blog domain handle domain name.

If your existing domain name I have included your blog word you can now shorten simply pl. instead of ujvideoblogom.hu you can ujvideom blog ending, It is listed on the visitors of the website address.

The. BLOG domain suffix is mainly for those who like to post on the Internet, share their stories, photos or videos etc.….

The. BLOG domain benefits

Why choose. BLOG domain suffix?

15 years ago, only a few people knew what a blog is and what it means, Today it is the number 156 million in increased, so many people prepare, updating a blog around the world. The. BLOG domain names you can gain even more advantage of the viewfinder also if your website is relevant to the topic of blog. Why the újdonságokból supermarket?

Öteletek. BLOG domain purchase

What domain names are popping about the blog?

recipes blog
varosod. blog
aneved. blog
News blog
soccer blog
ateuzleted. blog
etc blog


The technical terms used in the domain industry-from a to Z

modern_szerverekThe domains since its inception a number of term born, which are specific to the industry for this. As the number of inhabitants of the domains, It is the terminus of the technicians, and the list of szakzsargonok. Natural, that website- We are not aware of any doméntulajdonosként or expression.

The expression of doménekkel therefore, we've put together a glossary, that will help you understand the most common technical language. The term is not used in a uniform whereas many or no Hungarian report, Therefore, the list is based on the English page for terms taken, and so we have put in brackets behind it – if it exists – the Hungarian equivalent.

It is worth it to read this glossary or handouts, or browse through the not so familiar terms. If once we understand these concepts, It will help you to successfully purchase the tartománynevekbe, and effective sales ", parkoltatásánál etc.. also.

Pleasant and informative browsing! Read more


Generic domain registration-.info domain

The informative domain


It is commonly known, the Web sites are primarily always served fast information. As the number of users added, I needed a more and more domains, that clearly expresses the essence of the World Wide Web, that is, I, that the internet is for everyone "reliable and credible information source. This was considered a .info domain name, that is an ever-expanding camp enjoyed. Read more


Generic-.org domain

Generic domain registration-domain in the social domain.


If we are talking about the .org domain names, then most of the organizations, associations, or will we reach foundations, which, in this way ensuring the professional domain service, as well as through the online appearance. However, many people forget, that small- and medium-sized enterprises can also come in handy for a reliable secondary domain registration. In particular,, that is becoming increasingly important to the marketing of the company's social responsibility, presentation of the human face or. This offers a great solution., which is both authentic and reliable online appearance provides non-profit and profit-making organizations. Read more


.Net domain registration-generic domain

.Net domain registration-generic domain

Silver domain


The world's second largest generic domain name. The eternal runner-up, which for a long time it seemed, that you will never step out of the shadow.. Today, however, the .net community 15 millions in swollen, in fact, in some countries the number of registrations exceeds the number of entries in the .com domain,. Not by chance, Since the .net is a professional domain service, which feel free to build business- or private website, You can also create and store. Read more


.Com domain name

Business domain registration-.com domain

The largest domain


Com domain name today, the birtokolása is synonymous with the success of our business online. Vitathatatlan, to the .com domain name in the "best friends forever", not only has the largest relative size, but it also could be the first to register. Not coincidentally, our company is the Pontkom name was selected, Since the .com has always been synonymous with quality and reliability in the. Read more


EU domain

EU domain name registration-.EU domain

In the Community domain

EU flag

Close 50 annual dream come true, When in 1992 the Maastricht Treaty of the European Union as a result of. Today the largest community of our continent, with more than half a billion people live, for whom it is essential, to be able to communicate effectively on the Web. This is exactly the generic domains., that today millions of users to create a successful online presence is an essential condition for the. Read more


Hungarian domain name registration

.com domain in the domestic domain

Our country in recent years has made significant progress in terms of the process of digitalizálódás. Today, we have more than six out of ten have broadband internet access and a growing proportion of those, held their own domain name. For professional help can be effectively .com domain names, operation of the undertakings, so every home, as well as the neighboring country to be essential, have your own domain name to Hungarian.

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Czech domain

Czech domain name registration terms and conditions – cz domain

A promising domain


The Czech Republic has always been one of the most promising of the State. Not only advanced industry and a favourable geographic location, but, because the Czechs could well use the resources available to. The tourist attractions of rich country today attracts millions of foreign visitors, and without exaggerating its pályázhatna the world of Prague is one of the most beautiful capital of the address. Read more


Slovak domain

Domain name registration-Slovak sk domain

The local domain


The northern borders of neighbouring Slovakia Hungary is one of the youngest State in Europe. Today in residential 5 millions of people in a country, that rapidly expanding economy have enjoyed a. Vitathatatlan, to access to the European Union, Slovakia is one of the big winner. You can also look, among the new Member countries could join the euro zone, and the second. Of course, domain names can also play an important role in, which can effectively help the business. Read more