The change in consumer shopping sites

“The legislation impose a number of traders for the operation of webáruházuk.”

The most important:

“Such obligations without your hosting information, the competent authority for consumer protection and Conciliation Board, announced the availability of the operator or the company's e-mail address.”

The full article can be read here: http://kamaraonline.hu/cikk/akar-2-milliard-forint-birsagot-is-kaphatnak-a-jogserto-webaruhazak-mire-erdemes-figyelniuk-a-cegeknek

The following data refer to the relationship of their website:

Hosting provider:
Web: www.xhu.hu
Company name: Intec Online Ltd
Email: info@xhu.hu
VAT registration No.: 23107816-2-13
Company registration number: 13-09-162525

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force.xhu.hu server failures FIXED!

Dear Valued Customer!

Update: 2017.05.04. 11:00 All systems are working properly. Thank you for your patience!

Unfortunately, the modern day 2017.05.04. 04:00 at force.xhu.hu server physically disabled, the patch is in progress, but it takes time. There has been no data loss, and you have 2 You can also correct a data recovery.

New information in this respect, today (2017.05.04) only 12 After hours we can give. This post will be updated continuously.

We apologize for the problems, Thank you for understanding.


Intec Online Ltd.