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Érvénytelenítetni the Google trademark

A domain-pirate visszavágni the company you are trying to, Why 763 Google domain containing the word taken from her. The appeal was lodged by a private person in San Francisco and requested the Court, to be considered an expression of the google.

Chris Gillespie is an appeal by the company launched elle, for 2012, the domains and estates filed a complaint because of the piracy trade mark infringement i.e. domain.

The Court of Appeal decided, Google to keep your trade mark, Since it is not just a synonym for the Internet search use the term, but much more general cover for this lookup.

The District Court showed that the vásárlóközösségi test kifelyezés at all it doesn't matter., by the Court of appeal. So the mark of Google megtarthatta.

If you have the generalization would be regisztráltathatott by anyone per domain name for which is included in the google term, so it is still not possible. If someone does make such a domain name, the company may bring a lawsuit against the invalid or, You can also obtain a financial remedy that.



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