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Érvénytelenítetni the Google trademark

Egy domain-kalóz próbált visszavágni a vállalatnak, amiért 763 google szót tartalmazó domaint elvett tőle. A fellebbezést egy magánszemély nyújtotta be San Francisco-ban és kérvényezte a bíróságot, hogy a google kifejezést nyilvánítsák általánosnak.

Chris Gillespie azért indított fellebbezést a vállalat elle, mert 2012-ben elkobozta tőle a domaineket és panaszt nyújtott be védjegybitorlás azaz domain-kalózkodás miatt.

A fellebbviteli bíróság is úgy döntött, hogy a Google megtarthatja a védjegyét, mivel nem csak az internetes keresés szinonímájaként használják a kifejezést, hanem sokkal többet fed le az általános keresőnél.

A kerületi bíróság vásárlóközösségi tesztje azt bizonyította hogy a kifelyezés egyáltalán nem számít általánosnak, melyet a fellebbviteli bíróság is alátámasztott. Így a Google megtarthatta a védjegyét.

Ha sikerült volna az általánosítás per akkor bárki regisztráltathatott volna olyan domain nevet melyben szerepel a google kifejezés, így viszont ez továbbra sem lehetséges. Amennyiben valaki mégis ilyen domain névre tesz szert, az ellen a vállalat védjegybitorlási pert indíthat, mellyel pénzügyi jogorvoslatot is szerezhetnek.



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Bloggerként, as a self-employed person, an individual may be frequently gondba, where to get pictures, photos, illustrations website, blogbejegyzéseihez or even a Twitter, Share on Facebook.

Entries without images, blogs are quite difficult to imagine, because the text the reader completes the picture. It is well known, that the images are protected by copyright, Therefore, it is not worth the images saved in the Google képkeresőjéből or a website. Another alternative is to create your own image, However, you can, There's no time to create images or a subject is about, which picture you can not also could draw up near/within a country.

You may want to publish licensed image

Discomfort can be, If the entry has been removed from the picture, and this just in from a reader indicating back. To avoid this, we recommend, to search for images, which are not protected by copyright. Where to get such images? There are several stock photo pages exist: paid and free. The pay is a lot of pages, but an image no one pay you're welcome.

Fortunately, there are free stock photo sites also, so you don't have to invest the amount of images. Any subject write an article, entry, you will surely find the proper image for you. You may want your photos, illustrations so from here to obtain, because you do not have to maintain from, that penalty, are removed from the image. Here are some free pages for you, so we just need to search for images related to the theme.

Below are a few popular stock photo website we present


More than 920 thousands of free pictures and videos, the pixabay.com is one of the most popular animation free stock photo site for freelancers, the bloggers and entrepreneurs alike. The site is in English, so we can also search for English words.

Death to Stock Photo

This trendy stock photo page only one purpose, to provide cool images brandeknek, bloggers and freelancers. An e-mail address after registration, every month you will receive your free képcsomagodat email. Here you search, but every month we receive from them an amazing photo, What if we went down to, at any time you can use works. In addition, the free monthly 1 image by, We have Premium membership, so now you have access to more than 400 képükhöz, and you can also add images.

Startup Stock Photo

The startupstockphoto.com Web site photos are in limited quantities, but that available, they are all free of charge, and both can be used in stores, Contracters have, authors and developers. The NY Times is usually use the Startup Stock Photo images.


Also English page, where you can search for English words. Great help, popular search terms in advance we will list the page, something is “Popular Photos”, What are the popular photos, where in the past days, the most popular images we can. In addition, there is a “New Stock Photos” category, where to see the newly uploaded images.

In addition, free sites find: