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The guardian of the domain names of DNSSEC

Questions and answers on the Internet safety

When domain names is discussed in, It inevitably raises the question of security. It is no accident, as the Internet evolves is a craftier criminals are getting methods. Often times, the domain name system (DNS) beavatkozva in order to process DNS messages, with the consent of the users ' information, and password. However, there is a solution, the digital signature. But how this works? Why is it necessary? This article describes the search for the answers to these questions.

1) Above all,: How to find the address of that website?

The process itself is similar to, We are looking for a number in the phone book. Develop a DNS domain, the domain names will be converted to numbers. On this basis, they can find the users in that domain destination. All this, however, is intermittently, more steps

  1. First level: The root-zone (root-zone) the highest level of the directory service, where is the search engine to find information about the domain ending. For example, the www.google.com use the ".com" for data.
  2. Second level: The answer, after the search engine queries the root of a directory service is identified by. Here you can find information about the google.com.
  3. Third level: Finally,, the search engine google.com identified by the .com also queries the directory service.

These steps take place almost instantly, the full title of the Web site search engine on your computer is forwarded to. It is therefore only the users perceive, that search engine directs them to a website in no time.

2) Why you need a digital signature?

As we have seen, It is a complex process. Now, the more complex a process, the greater the likelihood, somewhere, accidentally or intentionally, the error system.

Not so long ago discovered the DNS, that is, the domain name system vulnerability: in fact, the Internet criminals regularly creating the DNS lookup process. In such a way, to the DNS messages, they took over control of the session, so the queries on your own side of Stratton. Consequently, the name of the user, password, as well as other personal data they were able to obtain. with her.

Now, thanks to technical progress can significantly reduce this risk. In this situation, the only solution is to extend the security of DNS be.

In short,: the digital signatures to DNS messages, we can defend against counterfeiting. If a message so we'll sign, We provide the user with, and the search engine is, your signature when replying to that particular website comes from, signature of this secret key is also available.

3) A single digital signature to authenticate a DNS record?

As was previously mentioned, the DNS system is a multi-step process. Exactly why the authentication, that is, the more necessary for a digital signature authentication, What is the authentication chain.

For example,, If the www.seoz.hu you want to authenticate the records, the owner of the domain in the first seoz.hu secret key you will need, However, having for authenticating gateways. the owner of the domain secret key required hu. The key is used in the hu provides both the root name server is authenticated by the key held by the owners of. The configuration of this server host name of each inspection shall be carried out. To sum up,, the higher levels of the DNS hierarchy, all of the place concerned shall be certified by a digital signature is used to lower levels of key.

At present, the task of dealing with the root name servers can be carried out by more than one organization. He is best known for the home users, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), and VeriSign can be.

4) But then what is DNSSEC? Why you need it?

DNSSEC is a technology, that is used to digitally sign DNS messages. True, to make this more difficult and hosszadalmasabbá makes the digital signature process, However, it is a powerful tool to count the DNS attacks. In order to, to eliminate the vulnerability of the Internet, the website gyökérzónától the final tartománynévig (PL. www.seoz.hu) , where you each step of the query with DNSSEC. However, it is important to mention, that DNSSEC does not encrypt data, just proves the validity of Web sites visited by users, address.

5) How to improve your DNSSEC ordinary user security?

We provide full installation of DNSSEC, that the end user is the actual Web page, or a specific domain name to connect to the appropriate service. Ideally,, the local DNS resolver “DNSSEC validation” performs, and automatically blocks websites, DNSSEC signatures failed due to bad. True, It does not solve all the problems of the World Wide Web security, but the critical element of protecting the site address request. This description of the technologies, as the SSL (HTTPS:), that protect the "conversation", or platform for is currently under development for security innovations.


The change in consumer shopping sites

“The legislation impose a number of traders for the operation of webáruházuk.”

The most important:

“Such obligations without your hosting information, the competent authority for consumer protection and Conciliation Board, announced the availability of the operator or the company's e-mail address.”

The full article can be read here: http://kamaraonline.hu/cikk/akar-2-milliard-forint-birsagot-is-kaphatnak-a-jogserto-webaruhazak-mire-erdemes-figyelniuk-a-cegeknek

The following data refer to the relationship of their website:

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Érvénytelenítetni the Google trademark

A domain-pirate visszavágni the company you are trying to, Why 763 Google domain containing the word taken from her. The appeal was lodged by a private person in San Francisco and requested the Court, to be considered an expression of the google.

Chris Gillespie is an appeal by the company launched elle, for 2012, the domains and estates filed a complaint because of the piracy trade mark infringement i.e. domain.

The Court of Appeal decided, Google to keep your trade mark, Since it is not just a synonym for the Internet search use the term, but much more general cover for this lookup.

The District Court showed that the vásárlóközösségi test kifelyezés at all it doesn't matter., by the Court of appeal. So the mark of Google megtarthatta.

If you have the generalization would be regisztráltathatott by anyone per domain name for which is included in the google term, so it is still not possible. If someone does make such a domain name, the company may bring a lawsuit against the invalid or, You can also obtain a financial remedy that.



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