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Com domain name today, the birtokolása is synonymous with the success of our business online. Vitathatatlan, to the .com domain name in the "best friends forever", not only has the largest relative size, but it also could be the first to register. Not coincidentally, our company is the Pontkom name was selected, Since the .com has always been synonymous with quality and reliability in the.

Select the Intec Onlinenál.!

Originally the .com domain registration of different businesses, as well as commercial organizations created. These domains with the extension of the "commercial" name three-letter abbreviation for the 300,000 names, that is our way to trade, or does kereskedelmit. Initially, therefore, the only such organizations might have a domain name., that business was created for purposes of domain registrations.

Since the mid-nineties has been opened up for domain registration, so now, as the .org, végződésekhez and .net – everyone has become possible, to register your own .com domain name. Apart from that, however, the date and the key to a successful business online remained: in fact, the vast majority of registrants of the versenyszférából will be added, and every year more and more people opt for this professional services extension.

In what cases it is worth to the .com domains used by registration?

By using our Web site in the world. com may be. There are more than 100 to register such a domain name account, and also the registration of sea and beyond the mass of visitors to our Web site vonzhatjuk.

Who will decide., the Internet may be soon. Professionally designed registration interface thanks to synchronize the record with the. Post-registration 1 within days, you can also use the new domain name..

In addition to the numerous advantages. com domains offer their services at extremely competitive prices. World market price for the .com years cheaply available domains include, Thanks to its, that every year millions of new entry is born.

The .com ending more than 15 years between the domain names count as famous. The websites are so, with the extension, our customers will be more likely to be regarded as a quality Web sites. Due to their popularity in the private sector is also a reliable business partners think such pages.

In particular it is recommended that you should choose., If you are overseas partners. In fact, the United States, featured popular reputation for .com domains, so by registering at the same time in the u.s. more, as 200 million users can also become part of the online community count.

Hundreds of millions of users can't be wrong!

Incredible, but every six seconds is taken to a new registration.! It's no wonder, These domain names are not only the oldest, but they also have the highest relative size. Whether it's generic or country code doménekről, around the world we find even a huge one subdomain, as the .com! At present, the number of .com domain names 100 more than million may be made, which results in nearly three-quarters of generic domains registered.

Of course, the domain name .com would like to profit from the success of others. Although the companies in any country can register a .com ending, Yet in many countries, a variety of second-level domain. com can meet (PL. .com.pl, .com.cn, etc.). Typically these extensions are intended to support that country's business sphere, and their number, as the root of off-target methylation – year-on-year increasing trend.

Select "best friends forever" domain!

In essence, the very first domain name, which was released on the Web with the .com extension boasts. So much so, that has not existed in the WWW Protocol, When the .com domain names have appeared on the Internet. Thus, the history of the Imperial domains was started in 1985. In this year, in March, registering the symbolics.com domain has been made, which is related to today's existing Web site.

Domain names in the .com's story is intertwined with the development of the internet explosion, and these domain names were an integral part of our lives in many aspects of transformative technological advances rooted. Today, mighty in their camp really swollen, so once more business domains already registered létrejött.com, as the largest of the five top-level European extension together!

Currently, Verisign coordinated .com domain names related entries. One of the most well known domain registration company in the world to the next., among other things, the .net, the name of the file with the registration of domain names. also oversees. The most powerful domains registration by the judge more than we spent 900 accredited Registrar serving, who are all the conditions shall endeavour to ensure successful registration..

Paves the way for the u.s. and the global market!

Despite the worldwide visibility of the .com registrations continue to őshazájukban, in Europe, the most popular overseas. You look good, the United States is the biggest traffic Web pages about 87 com domain name of interest.. The Fortune 500, that is, the most successful American companies that will be added to the list of businesses in the year 2013, without exception, have a .com registration, and the situation is similar to the one hundred fastest growing company in the field of.

The decades of quality and reliability by!

True, to the registration of the domain name. com now not only for the shops, the private sector is still strongly felt in the presence of these domain names. Well know this truly successful businesses have, Since the best known American brands owners about 97 percent have such domain registration. Reflects the reliability of domain names, that, together with the .net: counting of such registrations are close to three quarters of the renewed extension. However, the consolidated data for the domains in terms of encouraging the utilisation of the picture. Nearly two thirds of these registrants extension Web site is owned by the judge, and is currently only a nyolcadához of the records does not have a working website.

Some of the information in relation to the .com domain registration:

Today, registering a domain name., without limitation,. Therefore, the domain name registration in any country living individuals and businesses possible.

  • The domain type: Generic
  • Date of introduction: 1985
  • The registration fee: current prices here
  • The domain redirection: Free
  • Set up your own name server: Free
  • DNS maintenance: Free
  • Notify me by email of the domain name has expired: Free
  • Anonymous domain purchase: 1.990 $/Year/domain
  • The name minimum length: 3 character
  • The maximum length of the name: 63 character
  • Numbers in the name: It is possible to, If the name consists of numbers
  • Accented domain registration: It is possible to
  • Within the dash needed: It is possible to, but only if you are not the first or last character
  • The time required for the registration: 1 day (s)


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