Domain registration rules

Original rules can be read here: http://www.domain.hu/domain/szabalyzat/szabalyzat.html

The Scientific Council of the Association of Hungarian Internet service providers for the purpose of, the közdomainek delegation under., to ensure a uniform procedure for the registration and reservation, the domain users and the rights of others to protect, the 2001. annual CVIII. law of 15/self-regulation options contained in § alive created the present Domain Registration Policy. This Domain registration policy on contract system was issued as part of and in applying the scheme should apply to all without a separate reference.

(I). Chapter: The terms used In the Domain registration

The present Policy of the domain registrar (hereinafter referred to as: Rules) the following concepts are used in the following sense:

Domain: A separate internet domain, the set of names of internet addresses a practice database.

Domain name: Alphanumeric identification of technical, designed primarily for easier communication is essential due to the Internet megjegyezhetősége internet addresses are used instead of. This policy applies to domain names, which place in the Internet domain directly in the top level or in one of the en assigned to second level is below közdomain (PL. cegnev.hu, cegnev.co.hu). The accents (or international terminology IDN) domain names are stored in an encoded form of the name servers, While the user usually appear in unencoded, Therefore, if there is no selected, then in this policy domain name under the clear form is understood to.

Top level domain: Directly at the root of the Internet domain system delegated domain.

Second-level domain: Directly to the .com top level domain under delegated domain (PL. info.hu).

Közdomain: On the upper level., In addition, it is necessary, under a second-level internet domains open, under which the delegation is carried out by the registry. The current list of second-level közdomainek the registry is a Web server to publish.

Delegation: The use of a domain name identified by the internet domain is administered by a body or natural person on the basis of a Registrar by requisition.

Register: The registration of the relevant data required for delegation databases.

Conditional use: The requested domain name to add to the delegation prior to the technical use.

Maintenance: The domain using the delegation for maintenance service, with the necessary technical and administrative data on the primary and backup router products. and are stored in a database, available from the Internet, and demand are amended.

Registrar: The registry is one of the organizations authorized by the service provider, using the domain or client free choice and the contract with the customer on the basis of the mandate of the standing delegation of the domain, domain registration and reservation in matters relating to arranging.

Application form: The applicants, or domain-domain-data base that documents and declarations, payable to or by the domain-domain users must be signed by. The specimen in the annex to the rules of the Form, an integral part of its.

Domain requiring: A claim submitted by a delegation of the domain organisation or natural person. If the requested domain to be trusted for delegation, domain-használóvá becomes.

Domain user: Organisation or natural person, who has been trusted for delegation of domain.

Administrative contact: Matters relating to the administration of the domain the domain user representative.

Technical contact: Technical matters in the domain of the domain user representative.

Registry: The közdomainek Manager (preserve, reserves, közdomainek shall make available the information about the delegate during the domainekkel).

Register: The registry is a secure computer system data by, that relate to domain delegálásokkal.

Web server: By signing up for the közdomainek delegate and, regularly updated, the location of the appearance of public information on the Internet (http://www.domain.hu).

Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum: The Regisztrátortól and the independent Registrar, alternative dispute resolution service providers forum, the registry shall be invited to, domain registration, domain registrar, the Regulations on applications for and the specific material and procedural rules, follow these steps.

Advisory Board (TT): Independent experts, under the alternative dispute resolution Forum works, and which has not delegated, conditionally use a domain by delegating the issues related to the position, guidelines support the legality of the domain names delegation.

Complainant: Legitimate interest in order to determine, that particular domain name for a particular claimant violate delegate.

Order EU publications: The domain requiring, against whom a conditional use for domain delegation is asked to establish the policy conflicts.

Registration Döntnök: Under the alternative dispute resolution Forum, independent dispute settlement service of extrajudicial döntnökökből, domain names that have been delegated domain transfer and decide on the withdrawal of its base.

Applicant: The, who, due to prejudice the registration Döntnöktől request the withdrawal of the delegation of a domain or transfer of.

Respondent: The domain user, against whom the registration Döntnöktől the request for withdrawal or transfer of a domain.

Hotline Adjudication Forum (HDF): under the alternative dispute resolution Forum, independent dispute settlement service of extrajudicial döntnökökből, the delegated domains under illegal information supplied, information related to unlawful behaviour or other right or legitimate interest in the case of offensive information announcement, the Register has concluded cooperation agreements, Hungary reserved reporting services (hotline) on the basis of the relevant application by the separate rules of Procedure Act.

(II). Chapter: To register the domain rules for requesting and

1. Request the domain delegation

1.1. Criteria for the domain igénylőre

1.1.1 Directly on the subject of delegation, közdomain .com domain can be requested by
the) a citizen of the European Union or

(b)) Hungarian natural person or licensed establishment

(c)) the territory of the European Union
(I)) created by the law,
(ii)) registered by the authority or court, or a registered or
(iii)) This is a request to the competent authority or court, the national, on the basis of law and the functioning of the registration or the registration of the organization prior to starting up,

d) In addition, the Hungarian Patent Office registered in the territory of the Republic or the Hungarian is the proprietor of an international registration designating

1.1.2 Directly below second-level domain közdomain delegation requested by any domestic or foreign natural person or organization may be.

1.2 The General rules of procedure, the delegation

1.2.1 Initiative of the domain delegation Domain delegation is requesting the right to Register on the basis of the contract shall be entitled to earned a Registrar, who is the domain of this mandate that requires acting on the basis of. The delegation is a prerequisite for, one of the domains that require, selected by the Registrar in writing to conclude a delegation request. The application of the Registrar records in the register. Enrollment agreement, the delegation should not be contrary to the provisions of the code and shall form an integral part of the contract, the claimant shall submit a claim form containing jognyilatkozatait. In the absence of other criteria, the application form constitutes in itself a delegation request, the current general terms and conditions of the Registrar and the registry in terms of the respective domain registrar Regulations. In case of divergence in the rules contained in the regulations in the relevant domain name to apply to all claims, and using the resulting relationships. The delegation request contract in case of dispute, the claimant must prove that the domain-. In the absence of the delegation request will result in the deletion of the domain contract. The Registrar, the delegation of the registry fee, you can apply conditional enrollment services. Domain delegation only real, the need for immediate use is made. The domain at the time the claimant had on-demand to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Regulations. The Registrar is responsible for the amount of data in the register record. The date of the request, the computer is considered to be a specific moment időpecséttel, When the registry is a computerized registration system the application is registered.

1.2.2 The Application Form A prerequisite for the validity of the claim, the domain-the true form of requiring, form and content correctly, all mandatory data sets, In addition, the data and the signature to authenticate the claim form. The application form in the case of requiring individual domain manually or in an authentic instrument or an authorized representative of the full documentary evidence of the authorisation of simultaneous magánokiratban of cross-section, in the case of a minor domain requiring legal representative, in the case of the certified organization representative manually, the right of representation by attaching the documents of proof must sign and simultaneous language itself or by fax sent to the Registrar who receives. The form is at least as advanced, electronic document with the electronic signature can be supported, which proves conclusively the identity of the signer. The Registrar shall confirm the receipt of the claim form and the signature on the date indicated in the receipt or any records to be kept, from which it can be concluded to the satisfaction of the fact that the acceptance of the order and application forms (the date of the). The documents submitted to the Registrar when enrolling or paper, or at least advanced electronic documents archived in electronic form signed by the Registrar the date of termination of the contract shall be kept for one year. Change, the new Registrar of the domain Regisztrátornak-aláírtan new application form will be required to place an order, which is to be retained by the new Regisztrátornak. Fill out the application form and the rules for the conservation of the Account in the event of a derogation against the Registrar shall be responsible for. Any information in the form of the registry and the Registrars of internet registration will be handled in accordance with the current practice of publicly, and are available to anyone. The domain or domains that use the other persons named in the claim form, to obtain the consent of public data.

1.2.3 On-demand management The Registrar problem arising in the application helps you (PL. technical requirements for the operation of the domain of a collision, etc.) shall be communicated without delay to the applicant for a domain and the problem management – the Account and the contract under the provisions of the code – him to act in consultation with the. The registry shall be sent to the Registrar by the regulations, appropriate and complete claims processing starts immediately, and to verify, on-demand compliance with the domain of technical functionality, the present Rules 11. the requirements referred to in. If it is determined in the registry, that the requirements are not met, you will return the claim to the technical error on Regisztrátornak, who has the following registration 14 to eliminate the error the day, and the domain technical functionality to compliance requirements. The failure to claim will be automatically deleted. After checking the technical functionality requirements for the Filing of the demand contained in the additional requirements of this policy to conform to the, as well as the type of data needed to enter the exact and full check. After this,, If the request meets the requirements set out in these regulations shall be, and data requirements, the requested domain in the registry no later than the next working day on the domain, type conditional uses require. If you notice in the Filing, that the claim is incomplete or contrary to the Rules of the domain registrar, within the same time limit it by specifying the Regisztrátornak returned ok. The Regisztrátornak 14 days out, to remedy the deficiency or the need to cancel. If the Registrar within that none of these steps are recorded in the register, the claim will be automatically deleted. If the demand is sufficient, the control of the claimant immediately after use is conditional, and the registry shall publish in publicly at the same time on your Web server is trusted for delegation waiting list domains. Under the conditional use of the claimant's use of the domain of the technically, However, the domain only if the final is trusted for delegation, If you are starting from the date of publication 8 days do not raise a complaint against. If the demand within the time limit complaints against published presented, so the 9. under the alternative dispute resolution procedure (Advisory procedure) Depending on the outcome, After conducting its domain to be trusted for delegation, or final or the registry to delete the claim. If the claim is against a complaint within the time limit to submit, the delegation's incorporation, and are registered in the appropriate database, the following data:
(I)) the name of the delegated domain,
(ii)) technical data of the delegated domain,
(iii)) the domain user and contact information. The registry shall not be obliged to carry out any prefiltering on appropriateness of the chosen domain name. The purpose of the registry, that all, sent by the Registrar to meet demand. However, in some exceptional cases the claim is rejected by the Registry, Therefore, it cannot be held liable for. However, a negative decision by the registry to the claimant may request the 9. under the alternative dispute resolution Forum (Advisory Board) the procedure for the.

2. The domain name

2.1. The formalities relating to the domain name

2.1.1 The domain name is at least 2 and not more than 40 characters. (It is recommended that at least 5, but not more than 10 choosing a domain name.)

2.1.2 You can use the domain name characters
the) the latin alphabet without accent kisbetűi (a-z), In addition,
(b)) the Hungarian accented lowercase letters (á,é,í,Oh,ö,He,new,ü,-), In addition,
(c)) the numeric characters (0-9), In addition,
d) the dash (-)

2.1.3 The beginning and end of a domain name, only letters or numeric characters. The domain name must not contain two consecutive hyphens.

2.1.4 The numerical domain names starting with use of the internet does not offer document, RFC1035, Therefore, although not registered due to the restricted, but it is not recommended, and the inclusion of such name or names as identified in the liability for damages resulting from all the domain-user charge.

2.2 The other criteria relating to the domain name

2.2.1 The domain name of the domain to delegate requested the legislation within the framework of the Regulations and are free to choose, However, it has taken the utmost care in, that it has chosen a domain name, its enrollment, or its use by any other person or entity (PL. right névkizárólagossághoz, the right personality, the right tribute, intellectual property right, etc.) not to offend. The expected domain applicants, before choosing a domain name to check for a selection of, and the trademark database .

2.2.2 Is not optional and can be used to provide domain name, which meanings and/or suspected use of
the) unlawful or
(b)) scandal, intimidating or
(c)) misleading.

2.2.3 A domain name is not available, which
the) During that közdomain has already been registered or
(b)) the Web server is protected, or locked, the names published names include.

2.2.4 Directly below the közdomain. case of delegation
the) only the local municipality shall be entitled to the same name as the self-governing municipality domain name to choose, or
(b)) only the official representation of the country is entitled to the name of the country (Hungarian, in English and their own language) the same domain name to choose.

Directly below second-level közdomain for delegation this restriction does not apply to.

2.2.5 Directly below second-level delegation tm.hu közdomain need only to provide domain name optional, which the claimant is a trademark of.

2.3 Responsibility of the subdelegation of a domain name

2.3.1 Only the domains that require, or domain user is responsible for
the) the manner in which the domain name, jelentéstartalmáért, use and consequences,
(b)) the domain name choice and the legality of use,
(c)) the choice of a domain name or for damage caused to third parties and use

2.3.2 A domain requiring, or domain user is required
the) the selection of a domain name due-diligence certified, and your choice – in terms of the legality of – check prior to enrollment,
(b)) the selected domain name, volunteered to give up, Despite the careful procedure is already using other delegate domain name infringes,
(c)) the registry and/or the Registrar is replaced by move on, If you have chosen a domain name registry, or other person in respect of the claim against the Registrar would you enforce, or, If this obstacle is, any help you give them the claim against védekezésükhöz,
d) the delegated domain, the delegation and registration procedure, the choice of the domain name, any legal dispute related to the use or jelentéstartalmával, damage, in the following the term costs ease the Registry and/or Registrars, and by the way all commit to, the Registrars, and the registry are not subjected to érdeksérelem.

2.3.3 Neither the Registrar, Neither the quality of the latter, Acting Registrar, the Rules of the domain registrar and domain-the claimant, or domain users in the case of compliance with the provisions of the contract concluded with does not match the domain name choice for damage caused to third parties or use.

2.3.4 Neither the Registrar, nor the registry shall have no liability for, the choice and use of a domain name or domain registrar to the legality of the Regulations for their on demand, and its use is controlled.

2.3.5 None of the Regisztrátortól, Neither the Registrar cannot be expected to, to determine whether the, the choice of a domain name or use of legal-e. However, the Registrar or the registry does not match the, If the obviously recognizable, clearly infringing domain name choice, the delegation or delegate rejected the completion of domain name delegation, suspend or revoke.

2.3.6 Select the registry of a domain name or use of final or enforceable judicial decisions in advance legal action without having to implement state of the art. Neither the Registrar, nor the registry shall not be liable to the debate closure decision (resolution of the alternative dispute resolution Forum, guideline or decision), a final decision declared enforceable in advance or because of the implementation of the

(III). Chapter: The maintenance of the domain delegation

3. Maintenance of the delegation

3.1 A prerequisite for the maintenance of the delegation, that the domain is valid for one of the Registrar concluded using delegation to have maintenance contract, that the existence of a contract in the records of the Registrar Lock. Terms of the contract shall not be contrary to the Policy and form an integral part of the contract application form. In the absence of other criteria for Application maintenance constitutes in itself a delegation, the current general terms and conditions of the Registrar and the registry in terms of the respective domain registrar Regulations.

3.2 The Registrar, the delegation of the registry maintenance service, you can apply conditional upon payment of the.

3.3 The domain users constantly during the delegation must comply with the conditions of the respective current Regulations. The maintenance contract for the delegation the delegation during the current domain registrar is subject to the Rules.

(IV). Chapter: Termination of the domain delegation

4. Cancellation of the delegation

4.1 If your Registrar delegate maintenance contract is determined by your, You must notify users of the domain and the fact of the record the Record termination. The Office of the Registrar's notice, in parallel with the technical services of the delegation, in particular,, If the domain is using the Regisztrátorának the registration or maintenance fee notice – the specified, within a reasonable – either pay or if the domain name of the network use Guidelines contrary to what was, in particular, in 4. fold back the sending of spam destinations, or the domain name during the offering of goods or services being advertised VirusBuster has detected is used.

4.2 The domain users in such a case a new registration contract with a Registrar of choice notice, the new contract, the Registrar Records the previous contract fixed the date of the 45 It can record in the register within days.

5. Suspension of the delegation

5.1 The registry shall suspend the domain delegation, If
the) the action of the Court in advance, enforceable interim domain use the domain user ban or other executable decision of, This is a final judgment requires,
(b)) the prosecuting authority provides for reasonable suspicion, the choice of a domain name or use of a domain constitutes a criminal offence,
(c)) the decision provides alternative dispute resolution Forum.

5.2 The Registry may suspend the domain delegation, If
the) the domain user, despite an invitation to ensure, to comply with the regulations, the requirements of the domain,
(b)) the domain and/or use of a domain name is the internet causing disturbances in the functioning of the technical safety of the users or seriously,

5.3 The technical service of the domain delegation suspended suspended, but the person that uses the domain remains the same.

6. To cancel or delete the delegation

6.1 The registry shall revoke the delegation., If

the) the domain Regisztrátorához to the full in the form of a declaration or evidence of the use of domain resigns,
(b)) as the register domain in the Organization's official registration or application for registration have been rejected,
(c)) the domain transfer on demand or by using the information given in the documents presented or were not true and real information or documents on the basis of the claim had been rejected,

d) the administrative contact for the Registrar who receives full probative value or to draw up a declaration certifying the satisfaction in, the domain user killed or successor without the right to use the domain and not putting up anything else,
(e)) the Registrar records in the register, maintenance contract to the delegation-discontinued, or terminated and 45 days not a single Registrar records in the register, the delegation of the domain users signed a contract with,
(f)) the 5.2. the) or (b)) under suspension and termination of the cause of the suspension, the suspension of the 45 the day has been set,
(g)) the domain is not using made sure, the real and current Registration data reporting,
(h)) the delegation request and/or maintenance contract or lack of Form come to light, and the domain user is unable to present the application form signed by,

(I)) decision of the Court of law or an executable, a final judgment on the delegation, the choice of a domain name or domain or use unlawful termination of the delegation shall be established by or assigned to the domain user or the domain name, there have been the decision identifying the use of the name or mark,
(j)) the decision provides alternative dispute resolution Forum, the date of delivery of the decision, and 30 days after the domain that uses does not justify the use of the Registry for judicial road.

6.2 The withdrawal of the delegation the delegation followed by delete. When you delete the domain delegation the right to revert to the use of ADR shall, that it is shown to be a new claim. Withdrawal or cancellation of delegation only the registry shall be entitled to.

6.3 The delegation from the 6.1 d), (e)), (f)), (g)), (h)) After the point of withdrawal 60 day grace period is preceded by, during which time certificates required for the domain, the only domain linking was using in respect of the right of use or his successor in title shall be entitled to claim the new or, who can demonstrate, the domain was originally his claim on the basis of a mandate, and his order or used. During the grace period before deletion of the domain parking waiting list will be advertised to the public domains.

6.4. If the withdrawal of the delegation 6.1. (I)) or (j)) point and the rights of a legal entity or natural person that took place in order to protect, the cancellation of the delegation 60 day grace period followed by, during which time your domain name for only released the new claim, at the request of or in order to protect the rights of the person whose withdrawal has occurred.

6.5 The withdrawal of the delegation 6.1. (g)) under (a) shall take place, If you received a notification or Shall the registry following suspicions regarding, that
the) even the domain user, either the administrative contact postal address is not real or
(b)) the domain using real or not died or ceased,
the registry should communicate them to the real data and the domain user Regisztrátorához call failed to remain posted or post, call the post office sent it twice in time domain for that use or the administrative contact for the incorrect data cannot be delivered.

7. Transfer of delegation

7.1 Domain user rights to new domain-igénylőre delegate provided, that
the) the new domain in the delegation under the terms of the new Policy have been delegated enrollment and maintenance contract with a Registrar, who is this record in the register and the procedure starts the new delegation, and
(b)) the new domain that require the transfer of the old domain using the form of a document or full probative value in the original copy of the Declaration of the contracting Regisztrátornál confirmed, and
(c)) delegation is not contrary to the contents of the rules.

7.2 Court or the alternative dispute resolution Forum may decide in favour of the applicant, the delegation of domain. The transfer of the domain to this effect in the case of a decision or decision can only happen, If, as a result of the transfer of the domain to use the right author meets the 7.1. the conditions provided for in (a).

7.3 The domain affecting pending legal proceedings or alternative dispute resolution under the Registries for the domain transfer procedure is completed it will limit, that the duration of the domain is solely for the benefit of the applicant, or the applicant is transferred. The Registry – the 8.2. (a) except as specified in – does not check for the existence of the procedure, It belongs to the interested party by the registry verify towards.

7.4 The transfer procedure of the Regisztrátornál the 7.1. the) and (b).) as described in subparagraphs (a) and the corresponding application of the transfer has taken place, the delegation shall enter into force on the date of the document, regardless of the date of the. If the date of the Declaration, and the transfer of proceedings between the person entitled to represent the domain using a change, the Registry shall be entitled to ask for a statement by the representative of the new transfer approval is. The entry into force of the old domain users tied to delegation-maintenance contract shall be automatically terminated.

(V). Chapter: Legal disputes

8. General rules

8.1 The Rules regarding compliance with the domain and the Registrar in the case of a dispute between a Registrar, or, if the Registrar requests, the registry takes the final. In the case of, If the discussion is between the Registrar and the registry is created, the registry is a dominant position on the.

8.2 The domain of procedure current dispute parties to this request on the basis of the decision of the Court or the Registrar records in the register. In the case of such a request the transfer of the domain 7.3. because according to.

8.3. Obtain and use the domain disputes relating to the alternative dispute resolution procedure for the Forum may be used to. The delegation of the domain disputes arising prior to the Advisory Council Act, the disputes have been delegated domains of the registration Döntnök, as well as the delegated domains provided under the offending content disputes initiated the Hotline Adjudication Forum. The alternative dispute resolution Forum for it, referencing the registry, as well as alternative dispute resolution Forum to act according to the rules published on the website.

8.4. The registry and the Registrar shall submit to alternative dispute resolution Forum position, the decision of the, and the decision of, and the delegation of the domain, the withdrawal of the delegated domain, and has been on the issue of the transfer of the Act in accordance with. None of the Registry, Neither the Registrar is not responsible for, because the decision to implement alternative dispute resolution Forum.

8.5. The alternative dispute resolution Forum following a decision of the judicial proceedings initiated by a domain that uses the alternative dispute resolution procedure to the person initiating (Complainant or Applicant) should be instituted against. None of the Registry, None of the alternative dispute resolution Forum Organization, None of the döntnök involved in the decision not to change the decision. The registry of the domain using his action can be executed in the event of a court order granting the original state recovers.

8.6. The alternative dispute resolution Forum service on the Council of the Association of Hungarian Internet service providers designated by the Scientific, both the Registrar, a separate organization, both the independent expert Regisztrátoroktól glemsy offers, or through döntnökein.

9. Before the delegation dealing with disputes (the Advisory Board process)

9.1 Legitimate interest in order to determine, to use the conditional that require a specific domain to violate for delegate, the alternative dispute resolution Forum (Advisory Board) You can request the procedure for. The complaint the complainant, its cause may Regisztrátornál any choice, it is marked as a notice, to the Registrar for the publication of the proceedings complained of on-demand starting from the date of 8 It can record in the register within days, and the starting date of the complaint to the 14 days to submit. The failure to the alternative dispute resolution Forum (Advisory Board) procedure should not be asked. The complainant's objection must in addition take over the alleged on-demand, While other Registrar is free to decide on the acquisition. Other Registrars will not be liable for any damages, as for the Complainant in the case of refusal the objection live.

9.2. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum (Advisory Board) to initiate the procedure for failure to comply with the period cannot be interpreted as meaning that, to select the domain name in any way concerned about your rights to have waived, and your choice of domain name for the domain to delegate applications has contributed to.

9.3 If you are a registered not on-demand fulfillment, because, in the opinion of the registry not satisfying the requirements of the code, You can register for free domain, specifying the reason for the claimant shall immediately notify. In this case, the domain requiring alternative dispute resolution Forum (Advisory Board) procedure may require a time limit Regisztrátoránál, to the Registrar of the rejection of the initiation of the 14 It can record in the register within days. The failure to claim will be automatically deleted.

9.4. The Advisory Board compliance with the requirements of these regulations or to an ad hoc resolution principle. The registry and the Registrar shall submit to the Advisory Board to be achieved, acting in accordance with the, and on the basis provided for in, or of the trusted for delegation of non-.

9.5. The theoretical resolution of the Registrars and the General guidelines contained in the mandatory Nyilvántartókra claims compliance with Regulations. The position of principle of the Advisory Board of the registry may request.

9.6. The specific ad hoc resolution of domain-specific needs that require teljesíthetőségére contains a resolution for. The position of the Advisory Board may request, prior to the ad hoc delegation of the registry or any Registrar in its own mind, or a domain-based enrollment or the objecting against the Complainant on the basis of a mandate. The adoption of a mandate to initiate the procedure, the Registrar may subject matter, that the sponsor personally responsible for the procedural fee, or deposit.

9.7. In its resolution on the Ad Hoc Advisory Panel on the issue take a position, that the domain can be delegated to a particular Claimant or cannot be delegated. If, on the basis of a resolution of the letter of conditional use to delete a domain will be held, the date on which the deletion 60 to date, only the specific domain of the Complainant is entitled to claim a new, If the intention of submitting such a complaint, the complainant indicated in the register in addition.

9.8 Rules of procedure of the Advisory opinion of the ad hoc domain requiring in addition, be required to pay the registry,, If the Advisory Panel decides, that need not be satisfied in the order EU publications. Otherwise, the prize
the) the 9.1 in the case of the procedure initiated by the complainant is obliged to pay or register for free
(b)) the 9.3 in the case of the procedure initiated under the registry lies with.
The Registrar shall be entitled to the costs of the proceedings be seen towards his principal.

10. After the delegation dealing with disputes (the registration procedure for Döntnök)

10.1. The delegation of the domain using domain by submitting a claim, as well as maintaining the delegation shall submit to alternative dispute resolution Forum (Registration Döntnök) the decision of, which is your choice of domain name disputes relating to the application for the examination of this proposal, the present Rules of the domain registrar, According to a separate set of rules and the Act.

10.2. The delegation of the domain name to a specific domain, following the withdrawal of the base of the requested domain, or transfer of the, who has the right to the name for this naming context, the proposed alternative dispute resolution Forum, the registration application complies with its rules may be invoked by Döntnök. At the same time as it presents its application, the applicant must pay the registration fee in the amount provided for in the rules of Döntnök.

10.3. The alternative dispute resolution forum for the domain name in favour of the applicant, the withdrawal or transfer orders,
the) If
(AA)) the domain name is identical or confusingly similar to a name is a name, the applicant for the benefit of a Hungarian or in force in Community law by proprietary name or
AB) which the applicant on the basis of a Hungarian or Community legislation shall be entitled to,
(b)) and, if
BA) the domain name applied for has been requested without, to the right or legitimate interest in the name it had or
BB) the respondent claimed the name in bad faith or used in bad faith.

10.4. The request for the benefit of the legitimate interest, and the detailed rules for the bad faith megállapíthatóságának Döntnök contains the registration For.

10.5 The Registrar and the Registrar of the registration decision by the receipt of Döntnök 30 days later executed. In the case of, If a domain user 30 Sunny period proves, the withdrawal of the domain delegation, and the transfer of the applicant following notification of the decision ordering the applicant the domain in order to use it for further action presented, the implementation of the decision of the Registrar and the registry shall suspend. The proof of the action or the failure to, the procedure has been finally closed and the, the merits of the decision does not preclude a court decision in the case of notification of the decision of the Registrar and the registry shall carry out.

10.6. The applicant and the Respondent on the basis of common agreement, to decide the dispute, at any time in respect of the delegated domain names, or other, in all cases other than those laid down in the present jogvitás questions can make use of the alternative dispute resolution Forum.

(VI). Chapter: Other provisions

11. Technical requirements for the domain functionality

The domain applicant shall submit, and the domain users the technical functionality requirements set out below have been met already at the time of the domain delegation, and then after the, maintenance of the delegation must continuously during:

11.1 The constant IPv4 or IPv6 Internet connection, continuously available and work of the following services (machines):
the) at least two domain name servers, which genuinely respond to the specific domain of 53-8 requests for TCP and UDP ports, and
(b)) If the domain has MX record, at least one mailing (mail) Server, which the postmaster @<delegálni_kért_domain> incoming mail for that domain address manager receives, and the ability of the RFC 2822 format standard-requirements to send mail.

11.2 Domain name servers must be at least two, which IPv4 network protocol independent permanent internet access have.

11.3 The zone SOA record for a domain to be syntactically Immaculate, including the operation of contact address RNAME.

12. Administrative contact

12.1 The domain or domain-the domain that uses the delegate shall, by signing up for, by maintaining, or the domain associated with the administrative contact person indicated representation matters.

12.2 If the domain or domains that use unless otherwise, the administrative contact should be considered as himself. If the domain or domains that use else's retirement provision, You shall be responsible for, the consequences of the agent undertakes to.

12.3 The person or the administrative contact of the domain data changes using, the administrative contact must itself or the Registrars shall be notified. Neither the Registrar, nor the registry shall have no liability for loss or damage, that arises from the, failure to notify the Registrars of the changes. The non-Declaration of the domain delegation changes the rules 6.5 may result in the withdrawal of the meaning of.

12.4 Administrative contact only a natural or legal person may be designated, who have accounts in Hungary, Hungarian language and communication ability.

12.5 The domain-igénylőhöz, or domain-2002 official notifications to, appeals to the administrative contact for the registered e-mail address or postal address should be sent to. It is the responsibility, to update the addresses it in the register, oda recipient notifications, proposals shall immediately be informed. Neither the Registrar, None of the Registry is not responsible for any damages arising from the failure of notification, If the administrative contact for the registered address is not available.

13. Miscellaneous provisions

13.1 A domain requiring, or domain-domain using delegated him shall, the delegation and registration procedure, the choice of the domain name, any legal dispute related to the use or jelentéstartalmával, damage, in the following the term costs ease the Registry and/or Registrars, and by the way all commit to, the Registrars, and the registry are not subjected to érdeksérelem. Neither the Registrar, nor the registry shall not be liable for the compliance with Rules, alternative dispute resolution rules of procedure decision, a final decision declared enforceable in advance or because of the implementation of the.

13.2 During the administration of the domain registration in general email (email) or by fax. E-alerts sent via e-mail or fax the order to the recipient unless proved otherwise, be deemed to. The authenticity of the documents sent to the sender shall be responsible for. The domain administration in relation to the communication between the parties generated emails in the absence of a qualified electronic signature instrument in writing and shall be deemed to be authentic, as with content – the presumed – the preserve, without change, any party which fund may refer to.

13.3 The domain requiring, and the domain that uses the change data for change has occurred immediately after the Regisztrátornak report. If you are using the domain or organization, which registration takes place before registration or started to operate, the fact of the registration or the registration, and the existence of an order refusing an application for legally belongs to the order after receiving a report without delay to the Regisztrátornak.

13.4 Delegation request and delegation-i.e. the maintenance contract can. Any contract is invalid without a signed application form, or void any conditions, that is contrary to the Policy. A domain requiring, or, the domain user is required for the domain during the registration reservation contract(s)t keep. Registrars are not burdened by the obligation to contract, so does not match, If a domain does not wish to delegate or contract for the maintenance.

13.5 The registration procedures (enrollment, Amendment, denunciation shall take effect, transfer, etc.) during the stakeholder (domain requiring, domain user, transferor, beneficiary, administrative contact, etc.) eligibility, the identity of the Registrar or the registry in the reasonable extent investigate, which is based primarily:
the) in the case of a private individual:
(I)) old or new (card) type of identity card,
(ii)) Passport,
(iii)) Hungarian residence permit,
(iv)) the certificate of citizenship of the European Union genuinely probative value;
(b)) Organization night:
(I)) the creation of organization, official proof of registration or entry (administrative or judicial) decision, registration order, and the entry, officially opening the procedure for the registration document (request a copy of court time stamp),
(ii)) one person on behalf of the representative body of evidence (PL. specimen of signature or signature pattern prepared by a lawyer);
(c)) If the proprietor of the trade mark certificate of proof of;
d) qualified electronic signature certificate.
If the Registrar or the registry considers that, the security of the transfer or the examination may request a major change requests to the registration contract, the domain user ID document or other, the presentation of a document certifying the right to.

13.6 Registrar of any registered or registered in Hungary, a legal person or company or individual entrepreneur may be, which is authorised to the Rules laid down in, have the required personal and material conditions, as well as between the franchise contract with the registry is in force.

13.7 Termination of the Registrar, in the case of the loss of rights abuses or contracts shall be replaced by the new Registrar to go to old. If this does not take place, the old Registrar shall notify the registry rather than the old Registrar is maintained by domains domain users in the maintenance contract, a notice of the delegation and the Registrar shall record this in place of register. Thereafter, the 6.1. (e)) the procedure under.

13.8 Where the contract or any other document the Detailed Guidelines of the domain registrar or domain registrar (the name of the former rules) mentioned in, There must be understood in the present.

13.9 In the case of domains that were previously delegated to the delegation of the legality of the registration regulations previously in force will be assessed according to the.

The present Rules 2013. shall enter into force on 1 January.