.Net domain registration-generic domain

.Net domain registration-generic domain

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The world's second largest generic domain name. The eternal runner-up, which for a long time it seemed, that you will never step out of the shadow.. Today, however, the .net community 15 millions in swollen, in fact, in some countries the number of registrations exceeds the number of entries in the .com domain,. Not by chance, Since the .net is a professional domain service, which feel free to build business- or private website, You can also create and store.

First among the ...?

Similar to the végződéshez., the .net domain extension is considered to be the oldest. However, the biggest doménnel, the .net extension for fairly harsh fate befell struck him. For example,, RFC920-the domain names of the Internet standard is not as well as this, it takes the six oldest top-level domain name (TLD) between. All this despite the, It is the first domain name, not yet an established also in the .net extension binds.

Many are familiar with the famous Symbolics.com page, that is the first entry by doménnek, we have an agreement,. Less well known, however,, the first ever was the domain Nordu.net. Thus was born in 1985, – the first .com domain before the said tartományév, which is also the first Internet root server (.PDF) (nic.nordu.net). Later the Symbolics.com side was, the full registration process created by following the.

Today, the Verisgin is responsible for the dossier contains .net, professional service to meet the growing doménnel of the needs and. Today, the company founded in 1995 the world's largest domain name service provider. So far, about half of the approximately negyedmilliárdnyi domain registered to the bodies responsible for. The company, in addition to the .com .net endings, the name of the., the tv, and also oversees the registration of .cc extension. It can be found in many countries around the world since the company published on a monthly basis for the domain industry reports, so these, inter alia, the situation of .net domains also contains interesting data and information.

Why you should register the .net doménekkel?

  • Dynamic growth: Slightly more, than a single decade could increase tenfold the .net is one of the. Today, ending about .net 15 millions have enjoyed a registration, for the year 2000, which is ten times 1,5 millions of domain name. The .net is also demonstrated by the rapid pace of penetration, It was just seven years, to increase the size of the double .net zone. (So in 2013 compared to the 2006 status of double the size of area available for professional .net domain names)
  • Recognition: A.net doménekkel anywhere in the world you can be popular. Around the world more, as 200 .net domain names in the country is available on the Web host service. Of course, the registrations can be connected to nearly half of the United States, but in India and Japan, also elected in the .net extension. In fact, According to Verisign, the rising sun country nearly twice as many registered the .net domain ending, the country's total population 2,51 percent-than if they did this with the .com extension, all registration 1,43 percent of reported.
  • Security: The .net domain is a service, which under any circumstances feel free to build. A.net professional services offered by hallmark, It also has a number of such domain name shop. For example, .net domains registered in India about 48 percent of Internet commerce is also interested in.
  • Implementation: The 15 Despite the millions of camp there are many .net domains between well sounding name to choose from. In 2012, according to the data of the average .net domain names with the extension 12 they were characters long, in fact, the domain names are close to 100 percent of 6 was more than words.
  • Online presence: Similar to the off-target methylation in the .net domain names .com can provide an effective online presence for registrants. There are currently a.net domains in the .com and close 90 belongs corresponds to a working website, in fact more than one with two or more kétharmadukhoz .net Web site is also linked to.
  • Popularity: True, in terms of the dimensions of the .net does not compete with the .com suffix to one hundred finalist, but the number of registrations, just slightly smaller than the biggest country code extension but doménnek.. Taking into account all types of domain so can be considered as the second largest domain name .net.
  • Reliability: You can design the .net doménnel long-term consolidated data also shows, that 70 percentage ratio exceeds the, who is renewed after expiry of the contract .net registrations. Close 140 You can find thousands of website, which was originally created in another domain:, But today I have a file with the same name bírő .net Web page redirect.
  • Variety: The .net has a number of, the different countries also exist specific sub-domains. For example,. net.cn or. net.br extension, which you might want to use, If you explicitly target a country market. In other cases, however, tend to select the root domain name, as the second stage of registration of generic domain names .net domain többszörösébe may.
  • Internationalism: Thanks to the internationalized domain names (-Internationalized domain names IDNs) about the .net endings 350 different languages registration. Domain names are a choice it is possible to use the new ASCII characters. In fact, the Verisgin of the ICANN new top-level generic domains program (gTLD program) three new language also initiated the case for suffix .net, which is the simplified Chinese language can also be found.
  • Community presence: As social media grows in popularity, has become increasingly popular among such platforms for .net domains. There are now more, as 6500 You can find a Web page ending in .net, which has its own Facebook page. Taking into account the , to the previous year, the number of such social networking sites was around only five thousand, This results in less than one year 23 percent increase.

What you should know regarding the .net domain registration?

.Net domain name today all countries undertaking potential living individuals and register. In this context, just as many of the criteria, that, at least 1 You must first bind the contract years domain service.

The domain type: Generic

  • Date of introduction: 1985
  • The registration fee: current prices here
  • The domain redirection: Free
  • Set up your own name server: Free
  • DNS maintenance: Free
  • Notify me by email of the domain name has expired: Free
  • Anonymous domain purchase: 2 500 HUF/year
  • The name minimum length: 3 character
  • The maximum length of the name: 63 character
  • Numbers in the name: It is possible to, If the name consists of numbers
  • Accented domain registration: It is possible to
  • Within the dash needed: It is possible to, but only if you are not the first or last character
  • The time required for the registration: 1 working days


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