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Generic domain registration-domain in the social domain.


If we are talking about the .org domain names, then most of the organizations, associations, or will we reach foundations, which, in this way ensuring the professional domain service, as well as through the online appearance. However, many people forget, that small- and medium-sized enterprises can also come in handy for a reliable secondary domain registration. In particular,, that is becoming increasingly important to the marketing of the company's social responsibility, presentation of the human face or. This offers a great solution., which is both authentic and reliable online appearance provides non-profit and profit-making organizations.

The emerging third place

As the .com and .net extensions, It is also the first of the suffix .org generic domains was born between. But the said domain name compared to the .org domains are primarily created for purposes of non-profit companies, organizations served. This is the name, Since the .org, the "organization" — that is, the term means the organisation abbreviation.

The history of 25 in the course of the year. huge progress. Although characteristic, the .org extension is used as a supplement to the sites., that is, both have websites ending in, Today, the former already outgrown. "Assistant domain role.

Today the .org extension more, as 10 million users have enjoyed a, which results in the .com and .net extensions after you have spent in the third most populous. But also taking into account all types of domain name on a regular basis between the five best third place domains. Of course, this can depend on whether, to register for a given period and how many domain names, but in recent years the .org demonstrated extraordinary growth. In the past 6 in fact, the middle years 90 percent could expand-base, s do, the world leader is also a higher rate of doménnél gain can boast.

Credibility and reliability

As the registrars, the .org domain names at all times are the credibility and reliability. ICANN reports that, inter alia, schools, health organizations, cultural institutions, civil society organizations, open source software projects, the code camp., However, this list is still long to go. As an example, it is enough to mention the Red Cross (Redcross.org), or the protection of the environment and wildlife, WWF (WWF.org) body side, both of which were huge growth, Once the domain of professional .org extension under the auspices of the.

Rule on small- as an SME, and the .org domain by!

Today,, When will gain in importance in highlighting the social responsibility of companies, the small- and medium-sized enterprises either ignore the .org extension. Today you can get a serious competitive edge against the competition of the enterprise, which you communicate to customers and business partners, to care for the environment protection, or is it, that can help solve social problems which the global. The not-for-profit purposes the company created .org domains may prove to be the natural choice, to highlight these efforts is our business. They help modern apt, one customer-friendly image for vállalkozásunkról. Regardless of whether, What we have with the .org domains could prove an effective marketing tool for the strengthening of relations with the, encouraging entrepreneurship and the customer. With this extension, the customers can have a positive impression of kellhetünk, in the long run of rising sales will analyse the data.

Register for China or accented letters!

Natural, that is a global domain, as the broad., that is, as much as possible to provide services that are available for most countries. As part of the domain names was better than characters with accents, and the nation is characterized by a wide range of available fonts. Recent development of, 2010 from Chinese language since January over the .org domains. But you don't even have to go to China, If the domain you want to "compatibility" cross-country to make sure, Since all the characters currently in the Hungarian alphabet, you can use the domain name during the registration of. True, that, however, the main language of the .org is English, that is, the majority of domains in English alphabet characters can be chosen name.

Create effective community presence!

The domain names regisztrálásért, responsible for Public Internet Registry, it advertises the .org extension, as the "domain, that brings people together ". It is no accident, Since the .org endings can be a huge help in creating a successful community presence, strengthening and. Well, we can, Today, much of the community sites could hódítaniuk the Web space. Community action is also enhanced by the non-governmental organizations, in fact, experience has shown that a firm, that is not the purpose of the profit has been created, users prefer to link the. Whether it is the tetszésnyilvánításról community site or even the sharing of content that will be added to pages, on these pages, we can make our users more easily. Even, If the profit-making enterprises that community page, but in order to create, to the environment and the society emphasized her felelősségvállalásunkat. In short,: You can use the .org domains can continue effective community marketing, that has even been in the shorter term is to increase awareness and acceptance of our business and could lead to an increase in the.

Select the worldwide popular .org one subdomain!

Although the rate of decline worldwide generic domains, that is still more than half of the registrations are in .com, the .net or .org may be subject to végződéshez. It is noteworthy, however,, the camp of the .org wider decline was able to increase the number of registrants in spite of. Lessons learned from the data according to 2013 the first part of the "social" domain close to 14 percent expansion in its. In particular, the emerging domain markets observed the expansion.. For example, in India the number of registered domains as soon as they are with her, to the East of the country immediately after the top ten Nations with a .org was spent.

True, It is the largest base of records today in the United States is considered to be, which all .org registration may be subject to more than half of the. But also in Europe these popular domains, so the State of the domain is considered to be the market leader in Germany, where are the többszázezres number of .org domains. We pretty much have a Web page 4-5 percent use the .org extension, which is already more than the tornado Adv. offers them effective appearance on the Web.

A couple of things regarding the .net domain registration:

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