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How does Google's new top level domains?

domain_reg1 Before you create any site inevitably begs the question: How to choose a domain name? A well sounding, easy to remember domain name is in fact a serious competitive advantage can do to gain against the competition. The domain name, in particular, but not only is replaced by users, but the search engine you choose for. At least so far this thought…

Google now allows the veil of domain endings "unrequited love". During the summer, the search engine appeared in the official communication about, how Google handles the new top level domains (TLD). The Google Webmaster Central blog, John Mueller, six points is summed up in the related information.

1) Google is one of the preferred top-level one subdomain is not

The search engine the same way you treat the new generic top-level domains, like other generic TLD's, as the .com, or the .org endings. The domain name is also not constitute an advantage or keywords in the search.

2) Googlebot can crawl and indexed in the internationalized top level domains.

The IDN-s, that is, the internationalized, not the English alphabet written in domain names (PL. a. みんな) can be used in the same way, as with other TLDs. Since Google is the hostname Punycode as equivalent to the free version and as a, It does not require any special átirányítanunk or kanonizálnunk. If you use non-ASCII characters, You can access the rest of the URL use the UTF-8 character encoding, and the query string in the URL.

3) A brand represents the same domain weight., as the .com domain

Google these TLD's off-target methylation of the other generic top level will be treated as. If these methodologies the same location targeting settings, and configuration applied, you will not be more weight or to report, When Google crawls, index, or at the URL-ranks.

4) Google regional or urban the generic TLD-TLD is managed as

True, that domain extensions, as the london, or the bayern, area-specific show. But Google these TLD's can handle generic top-level doménként. That is in line with other regional TLDs, such as the eu., or how to manage the asia endings. Sometimes, however, you can also Google this is an exception, After the search engine saw, How to use a particular domain name for the practice.

5) The country-code TLDs geographical targeting

By default,, most of the country-code top-level, the top-level one subdomain search engine – with some exceptions – geo-targeting lets you will find. According to Google, the page itself is likely more relevant for your country. For example, the more likely the domain value but represents, an off-target methylation compared to Germany either..

6) The website of new TLD domain name equivalent to moving to the new

Google to change the new domain végződésre handled, as with any other change in the title of the page. It takes time for the search engine, What changes in the doménnel, the users will expect, that e-mail addresses remain valid for longer periods. It is therefore appropriate, If the domain name that fit the long-term needs, or choose a suffix.

According to the official Google so the search engine can not find "better" than one TLD nor. However, in some countries, geographically specific domains may constitute an advantage, but the search engine is basically all TLD equally treats. Conclusion: Select a domain name always, which, in the long run, the best makes our site.

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