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Free SSL service is activated!

Free SSL

All server have activated your free SSL!

Truly free SSL website!

How does the free SSL?

Truly free SSL website!

Detailed, You can find the full documentation here: https://letsencrypt.org/how-it-works/

What you need to know about the free SSL?

Free VS paid-for SSL service

Pay the benefits of SSL:
-Not shared, is assigned a separate ip address
-Covered by insurance!
-Optional encryption of the + additional services

Free SSL advantages:
-It is not necessary to separate, dedicated ip address

Free SSL cons:
-90 days active, then again, you must activate, This is not a matter of opinion, We activate again
-Windows XP does not work, Although it can be solved with htcaccess
-Do not use accented domain names

Why SSL Web site?

Why do I need SSL service?

The advantage of using SSL:
-Secure communication between the client browser and the Web site is encrypted channel happens.
-Google search engine expects, to work with SSL encryption, Although the viewfinder position difference, advantage does not cause!
-Visitors vote on a Web page for greater trust, What is secure channel to communicate with, especially when personal information about them. Therefore, for example,. a webshop it today ellengethetetlen.

How do I get the free SSL certificate from tárhelyemhez?

If you require a new space, Select the amount of space the SMES or larger hosting package and ask, to activate SSL. The hosting packages here: https://www.xhu.hu/tarhely-arlista/

Free SSL

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