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Iceland domain

Iceland domain name registration-domain is a secure domain.


Although Iceland one of the world's most interesting country, due to the least one-day trip few undertake, to discover this mysterious world. Who in turn saw Iceland's bedrock positions, or admiring the mysterious Northern light, they are always happy to return to this country. Where the country is experiencing low unemployment and high standard of living is also a matter. Now Iceland again has economy growing, Thanks to the Web, despite the vast distances to dynamically develop.

Domain names of Iceland synonymous of reliability!

The extension also guarantees a professional online presence for all users. Although the registration of domains created in 1986 in the Icelandic University graduated, Today, the domain name is responsible for the dossier contains ISNIC. Currently, the Atlantic island nation Web community that represents one of the world safest ISNIC domain registration is run by. In fact, the domain name extension also several years in world 10 secure root was registered between. The Icelandic domains is recommended primarily for those making the choice, who is not only effective, but they want to secure the Web presence.

You can also register your domain name either. no time!

Because the entire island's population barely reaches half a million people, Thus, the Icelandic domains – foreign registrations can only 40 thousands have spent the. However, the small number of registration number, a pleasant-sounding domain name registration permit.

One of the smallest on the European continent to the Internet community a unique way up to instant domain registration is also possible to be. These are not random in the light of, In addition to the other English-language Icelandic honpolgárokon residents also choose such domain names. Különösen, because the English létigét means also ending. The World Wide Web so the names registered by aliens can meet, as the she.is or the hellomyname.is domains.

The main information of the domain registration Iceland:

  • The name of a country: Iceland (Iceland)
  • The registration fee: current prices here
  • The domain redirection: Free
  • Set up your own name server: Free
  • DNS maintenance: Free
  • Notify me by email of the domain name has expired: Free
  • Anonymous domain purchase: 25 0000 HUF/year
  • The name minimum length: 2 character
  • The maximum length of the name: 63 character
  • Numbers in the name: It is possible to (If you are completely numeric)
  • Within the dash needed: It is possible to (only in the Middle)
  • The time required for the registration: Immediately

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