List of expiring domain names

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HU Hungarian due, but valuable domain names list!

This list of .Hu Hungarian due, but valuable domain names. This domain list daily, the clock is updated! Here just to get a valuable domain names out of the domain.hu was announced by the, expiring domain names.

What makes a valuable SEO aspect of a domain name?

  • Several years of, Thus, a higher confidence towards the search engine
  • Good, easy to remember, short name
  • Previous owner had registered a good deal of site (backward links)
  • Is the value of the AHREFS rank (the smaller the better)
  • Relevant services, products
  • Descriptive name of the domain

Features that you can use here:

  • To list, You can filter by in several ways: Expiration time or Google PR value , backward links, the age of a domain name, in the web.archive.org database, etc.…. According to.
  • Start typing in the search for a domain name that you are interested in and immediately displays a hit. Unfortunately, we do not know the entire list to display a page, because they tend to 5000 around the domain name list.
How to use the expiring domain names list?


  • Due time: If the deletion of a domain name will be, then the 61. Sun-noon released, This date is the date.
  • Domain age: For the first time after registration,.
  • According to several factors, including the value of the AHREFS ranking, the világrangsorban the lower this value, the better the results of your domain
  • The number of back-links: At present, how many live links to your domain name!
  • Archive link: If you are listed in the archive.org database, then here is the link, This can be very important if we want to know, Whereas, in the past, the domain.
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Domain age of at least  year

Number of hits: 5678 DB

DomainExpiration time
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early in the
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WebArchive linkOrder
2018-02-19 19 year - - 2016-05-24
2018-02-19 11 year - - 2017-09-17
2018-02-19 10 year - - 2017-09-13
2018-02-19 2 year - - 2017-09-26
2018-02-19 11 year - - 2013-05-29
2018-02-19 11 year - - 2017-09-21
2018-02-19 6 year - - 2016-10-07
2018-02-19 5 year - - -
2018-02-19 4 year - - 2017-09-12
2018-02-19 3 year 24624107 28 2017-09-13