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Hungarian domain name registration

.com domain in the domestic domain

Our country in recent years has made significant progress in terms of the process of digitalizálódás. Today, we have more than six out of ten have broadband internet access and a growing proportion of those, held their own domain name. For professional help can be effectively .com domain names, operation of the undertakings, so every home, as well as the neighboring country to be essential, have your own domain name to Hungarian.

A successful Hungarian firm. en doménnel begin!

There is no doubt, even a start-up company can choose from more than one domain name itself, as well as ending. What you will do in order, to the widest possible customer base, the most effective way to inform the it products, services.

However, if you mainly Hungarian, and cross-border clients, and we are in contact with business partners, You can be sure you must have the extension doménnel.. Living within the territory of the country tens of millions of, and in a broader sense in the Carpathian-basin 15 Indeed, the Hungarian people primarily million .com domain will look for pages on the Web.

Moderate pricing professional services we offer!

European comparison, the Hungarian domains can be found in the mid-table position in terms of the price, in the meantime, in return, provide professional services for all of the Web site owner:

  • The Hungarian doménnel up to a day to the Internet also may appear on the
  • A Hungarian doménnel in relation to the proliferation of little limitation is
  • At first the service provider contract 2 may be renewed annually for years and then, But even 10 year
  • Select the name of the Hungarian alphabet can be used for all letter, including the accented characters.
  • In addition to the top-level domains it is possible also to parties that second level domain names.

Let's look at, also in detail, What advantages to the home domain registration:

Continuous development towards quality

Although the birth of Hungarian domain 1990. November 7-Feb 1923, the first domestic Internet address only appeared at the end of the following year. The 1991 sztaki.hu debut in October, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Central Website was, for most of us today may be familiar with, Since many other information and service by multilingual dictionaries can be found here.

As in the case of many other countries, the first hundred most universities between domain bejegyzői, and colleges were. However, over time the educational domains is not, Today, domain names are registered by private individuals also represent an increasingly important part in.

Nearly a quarter of the domain name has changed throughout its history, the choice is. While in the early days many of the domain names registered, which afterwards (PL. date.hu) or the acronym pose (PL. meh.hu), Nowadays decide much more targeted domain names.

True, to the number of domain names, There have been many other country-code top-level domain name for disease in Europe, but for the development of the Hungarian domains slow start. The first three years of their history as little more than 150 registered one subdomain, and in 2000 their number had crossed the beheld. The liberalisation of domain names, and internet penetration growth, however, has been accompanied by an increased rate of penetration of .com extension is.

A significant step forward in the history of the domain names to be in year 2004, the naming was introduced with accents. (á, é, í etc.) characters. Of course, many people still prefer the traditional version is chosen, register a domain name or accented by to contain only the mind is registered with, However, the data suggest that this development has helped even more in the camp of thrive.. The year 2004 has been more than a hundred thousand people have registered, the number of registered domain names in 2010, crossed the border half a.

At present, the number of domains, the Hungarian 2013. According to data of July 635 Saker, most of our neighbours, in which results of the Romanians, settled Slovaks etc.. -prevent. However, the European comparison. penetration is impressive. The country's relatively small population of the area and despite the number of numbers in terms of the domains of the Hungarian midfield, that is, the 15-17. location.

Select the page for no strings attached!

The Hungarian domains to the Domain registration according to the Rules, Council of Hungarian Internet service providers which has created. In comparison to other countries, the liberalisation of Hungarian domains relatively early, 2000. March 1-I happened upon. Today, so there is no limit to the registrant of the domain name in connection with the suit, the times compared with those, When it proved necessary to the firm and certain level between prominent members of the domain name.

Hungarian doménnel a day may be the World Wide Web!

For a long time one of the weakest point of the Hungarian domains for a long period of registration, You can also take up to several weeks. The domain names in the history of the tipping point occurred in 2011, that year, starting in June decreased significantly the time required for the registration of domain names. Today, the choice of domain name so 1-2 working days may be a conditional use, s if 8 working in conjunction with the use of a complaint is not, the public shall be published in the relevant domain name from the list. Both individuals and businesses may be much faster than the World Wide Web, so our product, as well as services users will quickly become aware of gain.

We guarantee long-term security!

In contrast to many other country-code top-level domain name registration, domain name registration in the. com for two years. Which could be very useful, as is often the case with the site owners, the domain name renewal failure to disconnect weboldalukkal. However, a Hungarian domain name registration renewal, you do not need to care about. Therefore, the registration of such domain name to individuals, as well as offering greater security for businessmen.

In addition to the official Domain Registrar to decide on the!

Intec Online Ltd. Internet service providers for the official domain registrar by the Council of. In addition to the registration of the company., carried out by a number of related subdomain entry. At present, the 31 kind of közdomén allowed Hungarian second stage ending of the register domain names dealing with extensions:

  • .co.hu
  • .info.hu
  • .org.hu
  • .priv.hu
  • .sport.hu
  • .tm.hu
  • etc.…

The specific conditions for Hungary domain registration

The transfer of domain names. direct public domain names can be applied on the basis of:

the) any European Union citizen or

(b)) any natural person, who has a residence permit within the territory of Hungary or

(c)) for any organization established by law, which

JI) authority or court record or registered

jii) any organization, which you have filled in the application of the competent court and, therefore, hatóssággal or operation, You can also enter and register legally in the territory of the European Union

d) In addition,, the Hungarian Patent Office provided by the beneficiary of the trade mark or copyright granted him in Hungary.

What you need to know about domain name registration, even the Hungarian?

  • The name of a country: Hungary (Hungary)
  • The registration fee: current prices here
  • The domain redirection: Free
  • Set up your own name server: Free
  • DNS maintenance: Free
  • Notify me by email of the domain name has expired: Free
  • Anonymous domain purchase: It is possible to
  • The name minimum length: 2 character
  • The maximum length of the name: 63 character
  • Numbers in the name: It is possible to, If the name consists of numbers
  • Accented domain registration: It is possible to
  • Within the dash needed: It is possible to, but only if you are not the first or last character
  • The time required for the registration: 1-2 day (s)


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