Which Storage to choose?

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Which storage space should I choose?

If you are not familiar with our services, the following list, you can choose, which is the best for you, the domain and hosting, then fill in.

A domain name I want to use the space and 1-2 corporate email address, private weblapomhoz may űrlapküldőt a few simple pages can I wouldn't.

The cheapest solution to offer our own You. Do not pay, Add this space now for free! 100MB free storage space with all the cpaneles! A domain name can give you the space you get 2 email address, full statistics, cPanel control panel Hungarian language, PHP option, total daily, weekly, monthly backup on a separate server, etc….

Weblapomhoz looking for storage space that you can do I, can I edit and email service, SMTP-tis getting.

We provide cPanel control panel Hungarian language, where all of the domain, hosting, email etc.… option You can. In order to view our current hosting services, our prices.
Order complete, the domain and hosting plans that require a document and send it back by fax or scanned email. You can assign a, You can pay online, but the domain and hosting then you will also need to fill in and return.

Our company is looking for a mail service provider, who can send out newsletters.

In this case, select the email hosting service. If there is no more space, You can also buy storage, to operate the website. But the correspondence then move a set up specifically for mail-server.
The smooth space (shared cpaneles Server) the correspondence is restricted 99 mail/hour/storage space, so if you need more then igényleje in the email hosting service.

I need a space where they can be accessed by FTP and colleagues can feltudnak download, but I don't need no http access so unexciting and I don't need it.

Select the FTP hosting service where you can create an unlimited number of users. You can create separate directories so, that other users do not see. CPanel control panel, users can adjust the, authority, simply.

I need more storage space and can be, to further értékesíteném your services.

In this case You need the reseller space where we can in capacities up to 2 GB of storage locations to provide up to 100 GB. Your customers cpanel Control Panel can give, Thus, if You would. We also own névszerveret totally free! But if you do not use the reseller business storage, even cheaper solution for larger user because only the storage size limit!
Order complete, sign the reseller fixed document and send it back by fax or scanned email.

I am using a content management system such as. Sourcerer,Word Presst, other CMS system You support this?

We fully support the CMS content management systems. Our servers are configured, to facilitate installation of the CMS, the use of the. You do not have rights to bother with SUPHP it automatically. Preinstalled applications are also available on the cpanelből, that one click install. The servers enable shared memory 128 MB 256 MB, so all of the applications,addition, you can run.

Free Magento ecommerce webshop szkripet szertném use it is possible?

The best place to be because we előretelepítjük you magento e-shop, the configuration will be your responsibility. Details you will find in the Magento-tarhely.hu on our website.

WEB HOSTING service key features

Data recovery

Weekly, monthly data backup is available to create the cpanelbe logged in.

Virus search, discharge

Automatic virus scanner runs continuously, therefore, space is always safe.

30 day pénzvisszfizetési guarantee

During this time, you can test your space, our services, If you are not satisfied with the amount already paid will be paid back in full!

Ads hosting!

Not inserted into anything on your website do not link back to also pay rent for storage.

Pre-installed applications

More than 330 pieces of one-click install application!

Customer service

Highly trained, multiple levels of professional customer service. 24/365 Server Administration!

1 GB of Web space 4 990 HUF./year
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