As Plesk or Cpanel control panel to choose?

Which control panel is the most appropriate for me?

Plesk vs. Cpanel





What is the difference between the two control panel?

Plesk vs. Cpanel

Both control panel works well and user friendly. Each control panel is the same as in many ways, handle basic, 2017-in expected settings e.g.. hosting, domain, PHP, MySQL, email etc.….settings

The most important differences:

CPanel preferences:

  • Hungarian and more languages
  • User friendly, easier to use entry-level users
  • There are several features that can't be found on the Pleskben example. Email tracking, mod security on or off, logs are more transparent

Plesk benefits:

  • Stability is the primary objective.
  • You can create your own firewall rule.
  • Very easy and fast to install CMS systems as well as the need to also update.
  • You can use Google Pagespeed
  • Nginix is used
  • You can import to another Web server as a whole and not just wordpress
  • The DNS Editor, you can select all of the DNS SRV record which is still cpanelben not possible.

Whom, which control panel we recommend?

Plesk vs. Cpanel

CPanel for those who speak little or no English and beginner level move in the Internet. Plesk-developers, for advanced users. If they are unable to choose the Control Panel then please contact us and we will provide access to both control panel demo.

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