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If you are really picturesque scenery and rich historical traditions you want to get to know the country, You can travel to Norway. The descendants of the Vikings in the country today is eye catching fjordokkal, as well as uniquely rich in activities. Now, however, the natural resources in Norway is one of the most industrialized State in the continent is. The Scandinavian Peninsula, and effective online presence of the Kingdom also owes its, to learn more about today's dynamic development has.

Sign up for this 30 -year-old Norwegian doménnel!

The Norwegian domain names with the advent of the Internet were born. The country code top-level domain names already have been registered from 1983. Whereas the early liberalization of .no ending happened, so the first year of the new Millennium, that is, we can observe an increase in 2001, starting with the explosion in the number of registrations. Home térhódításukat the introduction of national characters in domain names written in 2004 would be greatly helped by. Today, the country is close to 100 percentage of internet penetration and more than half have Norwegian doménnel, but on a daily basis, on average, several hundred people also choose. no registration.

Choose Scandinavian quality and reliability!

There is no doubt, that is one of the most reliable no extension in the world. According to the data of the 2012 Middle 9 domain name registration is renewed. The result is produced by no other extension country code doménekkel (such as .com or .UK) also excellent in comparison to matter!

Today the domain registrations are available to everyone, with the exception of domain names ending in priv.no., which is only available to private individuals. Better protection of individual organisations, as well as the accessibility of the various institutions in order to identify (for example, museums, directories, etc.) have a separate second-level doménnel. It is important to note also, a maximum of 20 aldomént register. This will decrease, that in the future many well Bell made for those domain names, who shall be elected for the purposes of the business of domain names to no..

What you need to know about Norwegian domain registration?

  • The name of a country: Norway (Norway)
  • The registration fee: current prices here
  • The domain redirection: Free
  • Set up your own name server: Free
  • DNS maintenance: Free
  • Notify me by email of the domain name has expired: Free
  • Anonymous domain purchase: 25 0000 HUF/year
  • The name minimum length: 2 character
  • The maximum length of the name: 63 character
  • Numbers in the name: It is possible to (If you are completely numeric)
  • Within the dash needed: It is possible to (only in the Middle)
  • The time required for the registration: 1-7 day (s)

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