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It is no coincidence, that is also the motto of the country formally ruling King sounds: "Rhythm of the era of fatherland.". In fact, the inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries still lead the number and technical acquis. As in the past few centuries has the world's fourth most competitive country today is characterized by high-tech industries. A country with modern technique and thinking at the same time it is vital for the operation of the business professional online presence, that is the population of the country nor for domains.

You could be a portent of the Swedish part of domains!

The Swedish domain names early on appeared on the World Wide Web, Since the first top-level domain names country code has been entered in 1986. True, in the beginning they were very strict conditions for registration. Thanks to the liberalisation of the domain names in 2003, however, it is now without the restrictions of the north country domain names jegyeztethetjük. Due to the favourable conditions so that the Swedish registration domains camp since the early 1990s more than ezerszeresére new. The registration number in 2010, representing a million milestone reached, Today it has more than 1 million 200 thousands of active domain name return. Positive also the domain sales, Since the 2011 year 111,5 million value of these transactions were made to Swedish krona, that is, the average market exchange rates is calculated – close 4 billion forint map!

Closer to the creation of the Scandinavian Peninsula!

The se extension in the country used by many of the famous domain count. The Swedish population about 65 percent choose this domain name, but such domains to all the Nordic States have gained popularity. There are currently a.se domains registration close héttizede (68 percent of) It was created for business purposes, and a growing number of multinational business are welcome to choose a reliable and professional domain name.

Thanks to the continuous developments in the Swedish doménekkel satisfaction increasing. Until a few years ago is less, as two-thirds of the registrants thought a good choice the se registration, until today, we have more, as 80 percent satisfaction in connection with the registration of this domain is reported.

Information about Swedish domain registration:

  • The name of a country: Sweden (Sweden)
  • The registration fee: current prices here
  • The domain redirection: Free
  • Set up your own name server: Free
  • DNS maintenance: Free
  • Notify me by email of the domain name has expired: Free
  • Anonymous domain purchase: 25 0000 HUF/year
  • The name minimum length: 3 character
  • The maximum length of the name: 63 character
  • Numbers in the name: It is possible to (If you are completely numeric)
  • Within the dash needed: It is possible to (only in the Middle)
  • The time required for the registration: 1-3 day (s)

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