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.Hu domain registration

The delegation of INDEX.HU attacked the trustindex.hu domain

The trustindex.hu domain name TRADEWELL Bt. (Complainant) asked, against which the INDEX.HU Information Technology Ltd.. (Complainant) submit a complaint.

The Advisory Board of the INDEX.HU complaint was rejected by a single "Yes".

The Complainant védjegybitorlásra and megtéveszthetőségre asked, referring to the complainant's denial of domain name delegation.
The Order EU publications explained, that the domain name is not used by the general public might mistake the INDEX one of the domain name nor. The complainant's activities are completely different from the activities. Furthermore, the Complainant referred to a different redesigned, Star logo also showing own.

The Advisory Board determined that a number of szóösszetételben can be found investigating the word, meaning indicator. Secure from others, to do this, use the közszót domain name element, It is not possible.
Although there are a number of registered trade mark, the index contains the word, the disputed domain name is not included in the védjegyadatbázisokban szóösszetétele.


To register the new domain INDEX.HU filed a complaint

The ind-ex.hu domain name was requested by Josh Fairman, which is against the INDEX.HU It Plc. submitting a complaint.

The INDEX.HU, the domain name is confusingly similar to your own domain name, Hungarian and international trade mark which is under.

Josh Fairman argued, the ind-ex.hu domain name to the IND Ltd. It was intended for communication with your colleagues,. He explains that the company now is the creation of the 20. anniversary and on the basis of this domain name I would like to keep in touch.

According to the Advisory Board of the Index Internet newspaper well-known, However, may not be refused the use of their names in the business domain name.
The TT cannot find any circumstance which would really védjegybitorlásra, However, the delegation of a domain name to the name of the claimant still refused, in fact, truly misleading.