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Hosting restrictions

Shared space set resource limits

Everywhere in the world there are limits on shared servers, because we use multiple users, If there were no limit, You can also elhasználhatná a user on the server resources, so it is not only with us is so.

We have the following limitations, shared servers:

IP address: Basically, the main, shared ip address assign your space. It is possible to unique in its own ip address.

Maximum use resources/hosting:

200% processor

512 MB of memory

2 processor core

Inode limit: 200 000 file

If there are more high-traffic website and has a higher turnover, you might want more space allocated pages, so you will not run into the limit.

Cloudlinux system we use
which disables, If it exceeds the resource, unique price may be increased further if the resource. Web pages are 90-95% of it's pretty resource.
It is not enough if you e.g.. operates e-shop 10-15 000 product and daily 800-1000 unique visitors. In such a case, custom quote required.

Email sending limit:
99 email/hour, but up to 400 email/day. If you need more you can send the newsletter service may refer to, details: https://www.xhu.hu/Tarhely/Webtarhely/email-tarhely.html
Maximum email attachment size: 50MB/email

Maximum upload file size: 100MB/file

Restricted features: exec, shell_exec, popen(3), System, chown, symlink, PassThru, socket_create

Shared memory: 512 MB, You can no longer.

Directory listings: usage: maximum 2000 file/directory

SSH access: I have no shared server and not even possible.

Firewall: Failed, incorrect login (SMTP, FTP, cPanel etc.…) to disable a specific ip address for! The Hungarian ip addresses, 20 minutes shall be automatically.

To sum up,: The shared servers, webshops, corporate websites are designed to operate, the need is higher than, also we can help. Take a look at VPS sale or dedicated server rent service or contact based, will be happy to assist you!