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Hosting rules

  1. The object of the contract: 1éves Web hosting hire period. Landlord let, The tenant rent the Landlord operated by hosting and other related services in the (hereinafter referred to as: disk space usage).
  2. The rights and obligations of the lessor
  3. The use of the landlord is constantly hosting, daily 24 hours for a way to ensure Tenant, to qualify for monthly 2 regular maintenance hours in length, during which the disk space usage is not possible. The date for the ordinary maintenance of at least 24 email notify Tenants hours prior to this agreement, tagged email at.
  4. In addition to the ordinary maintenance extraordinary maintenance is required only in exceptional cases, where possible, the lessor performs.
  5. Ensuring the use of space in this beginning of the working day following the entry into force of the Treaty.
  6. In order to ensure uninterrupted use of storage the lessor shall take all, the responsibility of possible measures, the server is properly protected from unauthorized users, and unauthorized intrusions (hacker) as opposed to.
  7. Shall notify the Tenant by electronic mail to the e-mail address specified in this agreement,, If you do not use proper storage is detected.
  8. Random checks for disk space usage, including control of content placed in the, and in the case of any offence shall take the necessary measures to, including the immediate suspension of the use of space, or at the discretion of the immediate removal of the.
  9. Not related to hosting the event lessor is entitled to use the hosting- immediately terminate the provision of use. Not in conformity with the particular hosting qualifies 4. violation of any of the obligations referred to in.
  10. In addition to ensuring proper use of space, the Landlord does not provide any other services to the tenant, in the execution of this agreement.
  11. The lessor shall not be liable for the server software, resulting from the loss of any hardware errors and additional services is not working properly because is not maintained by the landlord's spare ribs, Update, develops.
  12. The shared server there are always limits these limits the service provider sets the maximum security, e.g.. the number of outgoing email limit,shared memory,prohibited applications,IP filtering…You can request that a list of the exact block etc via email will be sent for.
  13. Rights and obligations of the tenant
    1. Keep, daily 24 hours shall be entitled to use your space, the 3. ordinary and extraordinary maintenance referred to in (a), taking into account.
    2. The space-use required to keep the Hungarian Republic Constitution and legislation in force, the relevant provisions of the protection of individual rights.
    3. The space-use shall keep the provisions of the legislation in force, in particular the use of the internet, possession and use of computer, and copyright, Furthermore, it must fully maintain the Internet code of Ethics (Netiquette) each requirement. You may not use the storage space for the purpose of sending spam(even if otherwise the HNN), harass other users, the good taste not to offensive information, picture, information, do not place a, You can run code or not, or program, which in any way likely to cause injury or damage, the operation of the Storage Manager server, or interfere with, slows down, operations prevents or makes it impossible.
    4. The space-use and when you use any of this in the context of the acts of infringement, omissions, responsible for any damage caused to third parties, covering the damages caused to the Lessor for damages liability is fully.
    5. Landlord shall, If the malfunction is detected during use storage. The application can be done by e-mail., to the e-mail address specified in this agreement, or by phone, or by fax.
    6. The use of space in whole or in, or in part to third parties or free, no consideration shall not be entitled to cede, any átengedésből full responsibility for damages resulting from, including responsibility for unauthorized use of storage.
    7. The space-use all technical and other conditions (software, hardware, telecommunication and line, etc.) the tenant's own expense and risk itself provides.
    8. Use data storage, IDs, information in accordance with the end user is obliged to maintain and keep the secret. Damages resulting from the use, unauthorized use including, only the renter is responsible for.
  14. Rent, resetting charge, terms of payment
    1. Annual fee for the use of space, as indicated on the website, and the fee for the services requested in the contract plus, use the proper storage includes consideration, regardless of whether, that the tenant used, and what is the duration of the storage used. The amount of the rent, the normal maintenance does not reduce. The extraordinary maintenance, fix the duration of rent shall not Charter, If the extraordinary maintenance, the duration of the repair 48 (forty-eight) hours in excess of.
    2. The award will be paid in a lump sum in advance for the Tenant, date of payment of the invoice., a bank transfer.
    3. The suspension of the use of space in the case of termination of the insurance, Tenant of 1600.-Ft (Egyezerhatszáz dollar) +Tax/fee shall be paid in the amount of time resetting.
    4. The use of any dismantled space cannot be restored, the contract is terminated.
    5. In case of delay of payment of the compensation shall be equal to the interest on the Central Bank to pay késedelemi.
    6. Money back guarantee for the first binding treaty 10 is the date of. Then the provider is not obliged to the paid hosting service fee to reimburse part of the pro-rata benefit, even if the either party says the contract is terminated for other reasons, or.
    7. The rent of the landlord shall be entitled to review the last month of each calendar year and the amount of the bid, with effect from the following year Tenant at the e-mail address specified in this agreement sent by e-mail.. In the case of, If the amount of the offer is communicated to the tenant not to accept, the lessor shall be notified by electronic mail. The offer is not accepted in the Declaration is deemed to terminate contract, that this contract is the last day of the year to eliminate. The acceptance of the offer of the Treaty 5.) the amendment to paragraph and the tenant must pay the rent, as amended by.
  15. The warranty, responsibility

Storage Manager server only the lessor under this agreement, shall be responsible for the smooth operation of the.

    1. The storage usage is the responsibility of the risk shall be borne by the Tenant and any, in particular the tenant used by, or use the storage space used by each tool anyone (computer, etc.) appropriate, Professional and safe operation, Intrusion protection, maintenance, the errors that arise, In addition, the space-use the Internet and other services used for conformity, safety, regardless of whether, that the services which organisation or person, the ways and means to take advantage of the storage user.
    2. The 3. the normal maintenance of proper referred to during the performance of the hosting is not available, the resulting damages and covers up the landlord is not responsible for.
    3. The 3. extraordinary maintenance referred to in, during the storage or repair is not available, for this reason, the landlord for damages Bérlőnél substantiated arises up to rent the extraordinary maintenance, the amount is proportional to the duration of rain or repair shall be responsible, the tenant is not entitled to be charged.
    4. In the case of force majeure the Lessor shall be relieved of any obligation to the proper performance of. Vis constitutes all majeure, the landlord outside chokepoints, force majeure, particularly with regard to natural disasters, as flood, fire, earthquake, Storm, Lightning, a large amount of precipitation, In addition, a strike, :, and public action.
    5. Unsolicited email (SPAM): If the Tenant sends unsolicited email, or not subscribed to (newsletter) send email messages and client base (spam), and the landlord about making (third party feedback, spam list contact, etc.) in the event the tenant's full financial responsibility for the resulting damage-letiltások-spam list before, -damage caused to a third party, full compensation for the loss suffered by the lessor or may be required.
  1. Data protection provisions
    1. The tenant data without the consent of the lessor is not entitled to transfer to third parties or made available, with the exception of Landlord legal, and economic companies authorized to.
    2. The present contract of any change in the particulars appearing in the renter is obliged to immediately notify the Lessor. The announcement of failure, any damage or delay arising shall be borne by the Tenant.
    3. The tenant shall be entitled to treat the Landlord information, including those records also.
  2. The scope of the Treaty,
    1. This agreement shall be concluded between the parties to the 1évre. After the expiration of the contract is not extended automatically, There is a need for a new Treaty.
    2. Either party shall be entitled to 15 (Fifteen) days notice in writing to terminate without obligation. The termination does not release from the proper fulfilment of the obligations, including the obligation on the part of the landlord's storage, and the tenant the obligation on the part of the rent.
    3. Serious breach by either party with immediate effect the termination to the other Contracting Party provides. In particular, a serious breach of the obligation to ensure the storage of the breaches of the lessor, or the 4. a breach of any obligation referred to in the renter.
    4. This agreement shall be 1 automatically expires after this year, you will be notified via email to the email address provided by you. If you do not get feedback on the storage domain name and content,services to permanently delete from the server.
  1. The other hosted services
    1. The Tenant, You can choose from the present contract is concluded by the Landlord, and web-hosting services are closely related to insurance, the specific fees for which the landlord has the tenant bring the contract.
    2. The tenant an itemized charges for services used and the exact description of the services account includes. That will be sent to the customer after payment by post.

Free Hosting service is valid only until the http://www.ingyen-tarhely.eu/ website link can be found on the front page of website backlinks in a visible place! If this removes the free hosting and only paid hosting service possible.

  1. Other provisions
    1. By mutual agreement between the parties to this agreement, can be modified only in writing or that can extend.
    2. The present arising out of or related to any of the parties in an attempt to settle their dispute amicably. In the event of failure, depending on the value of having ceased, the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court to settle the dispute.
    3. Not covered in this agreement, the Council of civil Törvénykönyvről 1959. Act IV. the provisions of the law apply to.
  2. The parties hereby declare, to be eligible for this contract, the fulfilment of obligations contained therein and.