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What you should do?
Only assign storage space, even without a domain name, and so you can test the tárhelyszolgáltatásunkat!

If you are not satisfied with you 30 days back pay the full amount paid!

WEB HOSTING service key features

Data recovery

Weekly, monthly data backup is available to create the cpanelbe logged in.

Virus search, discharge

Automatic virus scanner runs continuously, therefore, space is always safe.

30 day pénzvisszfizetési guarantee

During this time, you can test your space, our services, If you are not satisfied with the amount already paid will be paid back in full!

Ads hosting!

Not inserted into anything on your website do not link back to also pay rent for storage.

Pre-installed applications

More than 330 pieces of one-click install application!

Customer service

Highly trained, multiple levels of professional customer service. 24/365 Server Administration!

1 GB of Web space 4 990 HUF./year
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