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Top 25 domain sales in 2015

Top 25 domains that sold in most expensive domain names in 2015?

Again, I passed one year. Time back összegeznünk in the domain of business events 2015. If you look at the biggest domain sales, you don't say, that would have been the previous year pangott the market. In fact, many of the hundreds of thousands of domain name, or perhaps a million dollars worth of amount of money changing hands.

Of course, as in previous years – now the .com domain names were csúcstartók. So much so, last year's 25 biggest domain sale 22 space occupied. It's no wonder, that is the most popular extension suffix behind every other instructed me, Since there have been only in the 1 million dollar sales of more than. The trend of the previous years continued, so, only after that went on to the country code., as well as other country-code top-level domain names, not.

The year 2015 absolute earning eight victories, the Porno.com was, that magic amount in: new owner exactly 7 an amount corresponding to 8 DB number, azaz 8 million 888 ezer 888 the right to possession of the domain name is paid $, as well as the advertising. This result is not only the annual, but the overall list even managed an experience. The page of interest to so many people of all time 5. He became the most expensive sold in the domain name.

It was observed in the previous year, the only numbers, that is also a numeric domain name popularity. In domain names, like 399.com or 989.com 800 thousand dollar amount sold. True, the picture is somewhat modulated, that despite the fact, most of these domains does not have worthwhile website. Presumably, the explanation of the extremely high selling price, the majority of the numeric domains was created around the time of the Millennium, so the search engines- 15 they are considered to be reliable due to the annual them. (Other question, If these pages for months will not be able to deliver quality content, the impact of these big name domains.)

An interesting phenomenon is observed between the country-code top-level domains. The 2015 years TV.se the Yugoslav champions, proved to be the, which 2,1 close to a million Swedish Crowns, that is, 265 thousands of dollars new owner. It matters to the Swedish website has special, because this place is usually the German domain names they used to "success". It is true, however,, the country-code top-level domain name ending in a number in the list but can be found in. However, they are both 100 thousand dollar amount sold under, so it is no longer fit into last year's csúcstartók include.

Let's look at, now also in table form 2015 best 25 domain sale.

Rank Domain name The amount of sales Sales page Sales date
1. Porno.com $8,888,888 Schwartz 2/4/15
2. PX.com $1,000,000 MediaOptions 9/9/15
3. 588.com $1,000,000 4.CN 9/23/15
4. 399.com $821,818.88 Schwartz 1/3/16
5. 989.com $818,181.81 Folded 10/28/15
6. 899.com $801,000 Schwartz 9/16/15
7. 345.com $800,000 MostWantedDomains 1/7/15
8. GJ.com $694,095 NameJet 10/7/15
9. NL.com $575,000 Heritage Domains 3/4/15
10. SX.com $555,050 NameJet 8/14/15
11. QE.com $554,000 eNaming/MediaOptions 7/22/15
12. Drink.com $500,000 DomainNameSales 12/2/15
13. Give.com $500,000 Sedo 7/29/15
14. 358.com $480,000 Snapnames 9/9/15
15. QUA.com $459,000 Pvt Sale 5/6/15
16. Rangers.com $375,000 DomainNameSales 2/11/15
17. HomeCare.com $350,000 NamesCon/RightOfTheDot Auction There is no data
18. Heika.com $300,000 Sedo 2/25/15
19. PPP.com $290,000 Guta.com 4/24/15
20. TV.se $265,149 Tradera 1/22/15
21. Essential.com $250,000 MediaOptions 11/4/15
22. Werk.com $250,000 DomainNameSales 2/11/15
23. Connaught.com $250,000 DomainHoldings 2/4/15
24. Wine club $140,000 .CLUB Registry 6/17/15
25. 95.NET $140,000 eNaming 6/12/15

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