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Our customers said

Not what we asked them! We asked Only for permission to 🙂, to display his!

Some dear customer feedback

The előzékenységével, the speed, and if I may say such unseen, the “natural to get anywhere”.
With, to my dear, correct, and it was natural.
Numerous to footnote is: Not listless, not unprofessional, and not “plastic” trained “How to be kind to the client, I wish to hell anyway…”
And in a way virtually, to prepare, inter alia, websites (now just for myself) and I'm going to take you.
And I make it to others, and you recommend. (In spite of the, You can also clean elsewhere:) )

Best regards: Great Nicholas
nagyonmiki at gmail.com

10 years of dealing with online marketing, I have a lot of domains for myself as well, our customers also. A year ago at the xhu.hu all domainünket I am registering this, not just because they work in an unbeatable prices, and not just, because the course is very fast, but because you do not have the papers, they have no trouble scanning, the country first introduced the online domain registration. A good business idea is a registered domainig of the xhu.hu with can be the fastest way to get to.

The Transylvanian Norbert
online marketing expert


“Since solutions and satisfied, Therefore, an extension of a further year to please. Do you have a web site www.borbaslaszlo.hu works, in the past year, no disruption was not. Feel free to recommend their services to anyone else also. Please, If possible, a further suggestion to send a letter to me, that I can send to my friends, both outstanding!.
Although only life would thus , that everyone would be bound to such a successful business.”

“First, to begin with, I'm very satisfied with the solutions that. I feel like I, you get a lot more features for your money, as in the previous service provider.”
VF Automatics Ltd. www.vfautomatika.hu


“I am satisfied with very, fast and well dealt with matters, Thank you!!”


“Gratefully thank you! It was really quick and efficient help, This (also) We Love You. And of course, the Eve of pleasant, polite's voice! :-)”
Univill team


Although I like to acknowledge people's performance, in particular, we are delighted to do this now.

I hope, not to disregard a bad name, If tegeződünk.

In the past 5 year beloptátok yourselves into my heart.
I've never had a problem with the szolgáltatásotokkal, or if there are technical “gixer”, you have plenty of ellensúlyoztátok, and it's very rare these days. Your draft list is typically the kind of service, which works great, If we notice, that there is, Max. When the invoice is sort. 😉 So it's a bit ungrateful area, as regards the feedback.

I godolom, you are an exceptional team, in spite of all the létszámotok. Always a good heart ajánlottalak You, then, so. Me in the long run megnyertetek.

I wish You a very Merry Christmas, and new, stable clients are rich in 2011! (Me will not pass)

Friendly regards,
Zoltan Somogyi


Dear Customer Service!

Then when I got in contact with you, the merest coincidence brought us together.
Since then, Your WEB hosting service provider. Then I thought , as sales & development consultants will work for me and I will make a serious undertaking partnerships.
I managed to , I found the correct hosting service for me. Not long ago I made a study of the partnermarketingről, where I mentioned the www.xhu.hu tárhelyszolgáltatómat also.
Yes , my part was a successful choice. I hope to continue.

Really a great honor for me , to You it's.

Thank you. Laszlo Ergn
Sales & development consultants


The registration and registration confirmation letter I got.


Thank you for registering with exemplary speed.

I'm going to recommend you to others.

Sándor Juhász


It will be a year of not lasting, How do you storage space can. I am satisfied with the service, so I would like to extend my subscription of the contract, and the registration of the domain name space is.
Best regards: Attila Molnar


My website (www.sanmarcomedia.hu) Do you have registered. I am satisfied with the maximum solutions, and I would like to use this space to register another domain name.


Thank you for the very quick administration, I will recommend You to everyone.
Zoltan Gal, www.galzoltan.hu


Thank you very much for the flexible and rapid assistance. I wish everywhere so it would work….


Thank you for your (Lightning)fast response. If you are in the pontkom studio team as dícsérnem “old” customer: You can keep it up! 🙂
Aaru ebespolgaror.hu


The reseller hosting is very dear to me when using this provider, fast, trouble-free service has been provided so far. Tom l David http://pkft.hu/


Thank you very much for the opportunity, the fast administration and flexibility!
I appreciate!

Yours I will stay their client: Gergely Berdi


I am grateful to you for the incredibly quick action, and I apologize for, the last few days I have given You so much extra work.

For my part, I am very pleased to, that You chose.
Best regards:
Attila Sej


I only responded: really I am very grateful for your hard work and tenacious 🙂 Pumpkin” seldom experiencing such a thing and therefore uses every means to opportunity, that will give you the elégedettségemnek sound: I feel my multiple értetlenkedésemre and the constant questions and lots of rare patience in answering my. Helped me a lot. In particular, I am grateful for the morning telefonhívásodért.



Thank you, the fact that the 2013 – as the year is, reliably, We work with are!
I wish you a successful year!
Adorján József



I'll explain, to leave a trail! Now extremely OK all, and I admit I have the buherált version also put, because there was an error in the original , and then magyarosított version. It is now perfectly and fast are not even a little!
If this is so I will be proud of you, Because super service, and myself, well I chose!
Thanks for the help so far, I WILL STAY, and I hope the speed…

I wish you a nice day!

Luke L. Krisztián primaklimatechnika.hu


Yes, all that you can, electronically, please. They live in the trees!
All licenses are very precise and clear (seems, that can be a lot of difficult clients), and always very quick to respond to.
All kinds of strange questions very cleverly respond. This seriously!

Thanks for everything and good work!

Best regards:
Attila Tesfaledet G/Tsadik


Thank you very much for the fast and accurate help, everything works OK! Really great support!:)
Thank you,
Zoltan up2u.hu raaga GAA


Dear Intec Online Team!
Thank you very much for the fast administration and settings.
Elijah Erika, zenithnyelvstudio.hu