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My DELL servers Loyalty without even 1 also to month!

Virtual Server VPS sale Hungarian servers

If you want to, visits to the website with great fast and secure, You can select the “IF” with a VPS server high availability for rent service.

VPS service key features

DELL was

We operate exclusively in DELL servers!

Real 99,99% rendelkésre jobs

Our servers “IF” (high availability) system work so we can guarantee 99,99% availability.

Preinstalled OS

Totally free előretelepítjük the requested system!

Discounted fees

Our services in the market, We offer competitive prices.

Unlimited traffic

There is no data limit, in the case of leased abroad because always count on VPS.

Customer service

Highly trained, multiple levels of professional customer service. 24/365 Server Administration!

10 GB of Web space 3.556 HUF. gross /snow

Technical background
VPS kontroll panelek
  • Redundant design of the "core router" in the field of EC (N + 1 with MikroTik and Cisco devices);
  • Dell PowerVault, DELL | EMC Clariion or Clariion Storage EMC VNX factory and full redundant design (uninterruptible power supply, AC power supply, control module, cabling, etc. ..);
  • DELL PowerEdge "blade" servers full redundant design (AC power supply, disk subsystem, HBA cards, the squad of FC and Cooper power tools, memory protection, cabling, etc. ..);
  • DELL PowerEdge servers are fully redundant "rack" design (AC power supply, disk subsystem, HBA cards, memory protection, cabling);
  • Dell and Cisco "Cooper / Full redundant fiber network design (L2 and L3 switch-EC, cabling, etc. ..);
  • DELL, Broadcom and McData "Fibre Channel SAN" means full redundant design of the storage network (Tools, cabling, etc. ..);
Most frequently asked questions, answers

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

When do I need a VPS server? Why not enough shared hosting resources?

Shared hosting resources are severely limited by the processor, memory, IO, Apache bans etc.…If you want to run a large website with many visitors, the long term solution for vps sale “IF” option. If your shared hosting resource limit exceeds the storage blocks, While this slowdown causes for vps, as for the vps resources can be improved by increasing the.

How much is the VPS availability guaranteed?
What is the '' IF '' system?
What do I need for a shared space compared to if I want to VPS system?
What is the resource to obtain a?
The VPS service?
Advantages compared to the dedkált Server?
Disadvantage of dedicated server images?